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Isuzu Trucks Market-Leading Medium-Duty Range Receives Boost

Businesses can’t afford to gamble with their livelihoods—this understanding has guided Isuzu Trucks’ product strategy for the last 30 years, continually providing improved solutions that meet customer needs.

This mantra of constant refinement and evolution has seen the Isuzu Trucks F Series range develop a reputation as the go-to tool for medium-duty road transport equipment operators over the past three decades.

For 2020, the same premise applies for the latest round of updates to the market-leading medium-duty truck range.

It’s recognition, too, that above all else, customers want choice and a cost-effective product specifically developed to perform well over time.

Market-leading range refined

Headlining this year’s update is the introduction of Isuzu Electronic Stability Control (IESC) to five key FRR and FRD models in the 10,700 kg–11,000 kg gross vehicle mass (GVM) segment.

The update schedule also includes the addition of two all-new F Series models—the FVD 165-260 Auto Crew and the already previewed FSR 140-260 MWB Tipper, both cleverly specified to find a home in targeted application areas.

Bolstering the 2020 Model Year (MY20) Isuzu F Series update is the addition of the new Dual Control range of refuse and recycling–specific transport solutions, including new FVD, FVZ and FVY dual control options.

Finally, rounding out a persuasive range revamp is the addition of the new F Series Freightpack range to the popular Isuzu Trucks Ready-to-Work range of pre-bodied urban pick-up and delivery solutions.

Stability and reliability

First appearing in Isuzu’s trucks in Australia with the light-duty 2015 N Series range, IESC technology has now been applied to key 10,700 kg and 11,000 kg GVM F Series models.




FRR 107-210


Isuzu’s IESC on-board technology gathers information from a range of sensors to detect and help correct any unexpected loss of control.

Data from sensors throughout the truck is continually fed to an electronic hydraulic control unit (EHCU). This data then informs automated engine torque and braking reactions to bring a sketchy driving scenario back under control.

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) National Sales Manager, Les Spaltman, said the addition of stability control to these key models rounds out a comprehensive package.

“F Series models benefitting from the addition of IESC (see table above) are specifically targeted at the urban pick-up and delivery application.

“Urban freight trucks typically have higher van and curtain-side body builds, and can be subjected to situations that may lead to an understeer, oversteer or rollover scenario.

“So with these selected models, we’ve incorporated IESC to circumvent such scenarios.

“We’re thrilled to offer our customers this benchmark safety technology in our market-leading medium-duty models,” Mr Spaltman said.

Something new

It wouldn’t be a range update from Isuzu Trucks without some brand-new equipment on offer. In 2019, there are two new models finding a home in the range, either replacing or building on tried and tested F Series platforms.

FVD 165-260 Auto Crew

In the tradition of constant improvement and innovation, councils, emergency services and road works crews can now add Isuzu Trucks’ brand new FVD 165-260 Auto Crew to their wish list.

Forged off the back of extensive customer feedback, the new FVD Crew supersedes the proven FTR 150-260 Auto Crew model, which has been extremely popular with team-based, remote site work crews.

Equipped with the ultra-reliable 6HK1 TCC engine producing 191 kW (260 PS) @ 2,400 RPM, the FVD Crew has a GVM of 16,500 kg and comes factory fitted with the Allison MD3000 automatic transmission, which allows local installation of ‘live-drive’ power take-off (PTO) units to suit many applications.

With seven seats in the FVD Crew, it’s perfect for getting teams of workers to and from site, along with all the gear required, and both front seating positions are fitted with the ISRI 6860 air suspension seat.

Bettering the previous FTR model, a key upgrade featured in the FVD Auto Crew is the use of popular Meritor front and rear axles with standard Hendrickson HAS 230 road-friendly airbag rear suspension—a core element of Isuzu’s customer feedback on this market segment.


FSR 140-260 Tipper


Ready-to-Work FSR 140-260 MWB Tipper

As previewed at the recent Brisbane Truck Show in May 2019, Isuzu’s ever-popular Tipper range has received a big shot in the arm with the addition of the FSR 140-260 Tipper.

This new addition brings the Isuzu Trucks factory Tipper GVM range up to a brawny 14,000 kg, a maximum-level internal volume capacity of over 5.2 cubic metres and a useful payload in excess of 7,500 kg (37% more capacity than the FSR 107-210 Tipper).

The FSR Tipper features an all-new ShinMaywa-built body, with a 6.0-mm deck plate and 3.2-mm front and side plates, along with Isuzu’s exclusive design two-way tailgate.


FSR 140-260 Tipper


Practical safety features are also incorporated, including yellow-painted safety steps and grab handles, shovel rack and a hydraulic body-locking safety mechanism—all further refining an already compelling, application-specific solution.

Two is better than one

With the waste industry calling for greater efficiencies throughout their operations, the release of Isuzu’s new low tare weight dual control waste management solutions couldn’t be timelier.



FSR 140/120-260 Dual Control (14,000/12,000 kg GVM)
FVD 165-300 Dual Control (16,500 kg GVM)
FVY 240-300 Dual Control MWB & LWB (24,000 kg GVM)
FVZ 240-300 Dual Control MWB & MLWB (24,000 kg GVM)

Developed in Australia, and with celebrated origins in Isuzu’s tried and tested FSR 140/120-260 4×2 Dual Control model, the newly expanded dual control range presents unbeatable value coupled with the reliability Isuzu Trucks is famous for.


FVY 240-300 Dual Control

Available in 12,000 kg and 14,000 kg GVM ratings, the existing dual-rated FSR dual control model features robust Isuzu axles; multi-leaf steel spring rear suspension; dual-circuit air over hydraulic front and rear drum brakes with anti-lock braking system; Allison LCT 2500 transmission; and ISRI 6860 seats with integrated seatbelt in both left- and right-hand driver positions.

And in the new 16,500 kg and 24,000 kg GVM dual control models, these trucks feature industry-leading componentry such as Hendrickson airbag rear suspension, which delivers substantial tare weight advantages (FVD and FVY)—a key advantage over some competing brands.


Other key components in the FVD, FVZ and FVY Dual Control models include hard-working Meritor axles, with the FVZ and FVY featuring the MT44-144 rear axle tandem set with driver-controlled inter-axle lock and cross-locks on both axles.

Common features across all Isuzu dual control models include high-precision cross shafts linking in both left- and right-hand steering columns.

All Isuzu Trucks dual control models also come factory equipped with the industry standard Allison automatic transmission, from using the LCT 2500 Series in the FSR, through to the rugged MD3000 Series in the FVD, as well as the MD3500 Series in the FVZ and FVY 6×4 variants.

Freightpack is here

Again, responding to customer demand and the prevailing requirements of the Australian freight task, the new 2019 F Series Freightpack line-up delivers more road transport solutions, more options for Australian freight operators and greater economic efficiencies for those with road transport as their main game.


FSR 140-260 Freightpack

Ready-to-Work Freightpack models are available across specific F Series platforms (see following table) with customised, factory-backed freight body configurations.




FRR 110-240 AMT IESC 10-pallet body config (11,000 kg GVM)

FRR 110-260 AUTO 10-pallet body config (11,000 kg GVM)

FSR 140-240 AMT 12-pallet body config (14,000 kg GVM)

FSR 140-260 AUTO 12-pallet body config (14,000 kg GVM)

FVL 240-300 AUTO 14-pallet body config (24,000 kg GVM)

Additional features include the following:

  • Lightning-quick release latches on all curtain-siders (saves approximately 90 seconds per load, equating to 15 minutes per day)
  • Standard load tie-down points at multiple locations along the 5-mm floor
  • Standard body front panel–mounted nose cone on four-cylinder 240 PS models
  • Genuine Isuzu cabin roof–mounted air deflectors on six-cylinder 260 PS and 300 PS models
  • Interlocking latched load restraining gates to a common design, each one-pallet width
  • LED interior strip lighting and step halo lights
  • Standard reversing camera and internal payload monitoring camera
  • Isuzu yellow safety grab handles, steps and safety decals
  • Factory-backed new truck and body warranty for all Ready-to-Work models
  • Satellite navigation standard on all new F Series trucks



The complete package

Mr Spaltman said all the elements of the MY20 F Series update combine to present a comprehensive, fit-for-purpose offering.

“In its totality, this update encompasses what Australian truck customers are asking for,” he said.

“Every element of this update, and the many before it, reflect our customer-oriented approach.

“With this update, we’ve worked hard to ensure our attention to detail has been second to none. We strive to deliver the best possible, application-specific product on the market, and these refinements are testament to that approach.

“For many years we’ve worked by the ethos of continual improvement and when all the elements of this update are closely considered, we believe we’ve delivered on that.”