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Isuzu’s range of Ready to Work tippers is a collection of reliable, technologically-advanced trucks, offering GVMs that span from a car-licence-compliant 4,500 kg, right up to 10,400 kg.

The models are a popular choice among tradies, landscapers and council workers, and many other discerning Aussie business owners.

Evolution Building

Based in Kellyville Ridge in NSW, Evolution Building is a construction company with class and sophistication, as a quick look at any of their completed projects will attest.

From renovating stately manors, to building modern updates on small urban townhouses, Evolution offers original design options like mosaiced bathrooms with ornamental mirrors and glamorous kitchens that look almost too sleek to deface with a spag bol.

The company quotes Winston Churchill in its introduction. “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”

If Evolution is intending to appeal to the imagination as well as the senses, it’s succeeding. The quality of its work is magnificent.

Andrew Cagnacci is Evolution’s Director, although you’d never expect it. While Evolution entices Sydney’s high-end clientele – or at least those with lofty ambitions – Andrew is as down to earth as they come.

“We just try to provide a one-on-one service,” Andrew said. “We stay involved, keep the owners up to date and always let them know what we’re up to.”

It might not be as lofty as Churchill’s quote, but it’s an approach that’s working for Andrew.

“My future plan is to keep going the way we are,” he said. “It’s all about providing quality homes to people – if you do that, you’ll be alright.”

Andrew and Evolution rely on an Isuzu NLR 200 Tipper, which he’s customised to fit a toolbox between the tray and cabin. “Not only does it carry soil and rubbish,” he said, “It carries all our tools as well.”

“From day one, it’s been a dream to drive.

“The NLR’s turning circle is phenomenal and puts my ute to shame. I’ve driven other Japanese trucks and this is the only one that feels like a car. In fact, it feels better.

“We work anywhere from inner city lanes to rural builds, and with the Isuzu I can get into tight places but still have the capacity to carry out large scale construction.

“Most importantly, I can do it all in a comfortable truck.”


Mark Snell, Director of Wollongong’s Bullet Proof Roofing, saw similar boosts to his business when he took home a member of Isuzu’s tipper range.

Bullet Proof has been providing reliable, quality roofing solutions since 2011, leading to the company’s rapid rise.

“Most companies offer seven to ten year warranties on their roofs. We offer fifteen year warranties on all our roofs and have a money-back guarantee on roof leak repairs.

“We can offer more than our competitors because we’re an experienced business with quality tradesmen and equipment.”

The workhorse behind Mark’s company is his Isuzu NLR 45-150 Tipper, which he uses to deliver his insulation, timber, and remove the rubbish from his worksites.

“The Isuzu’s great to drive, it has a very good turning circle and it thrives with a full load,” he said.

“It’s the first new vehicle that I’ve ever bought and I’d buy it again in a heartbeat.”

Mark test drove other Japanese brands before he chose his NLR, and in the end it was Isuzu’s attention to detail that made it stand out.

“I was drawn to the NLR because of its design,” he said.

“Its tray has quality features like the tie-down rails – the Isuzu has a continuous bar, rather than little pins.

“I owned an older tipper before that had pins and they either bent upwards or snapped off completely, whereas everything on the Isuzu is built to last.”

Mark’s final priority was unsurprising.

“The final reason why I chose the Isuzu was its warranty,” he laughed.

“I know first-hand that you can tell a business’ quality from the warranty it offers, and the Isuzu had the right price and an extensive warranty to match.”