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Just a few educated purchases can make selling your truck easier and more profitable – and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Something as simple as new dash mats and seat covers will give your truck a ‘like-new’ look without a huge price tag.

John Plunkett, National Truck Parts Manager for Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) says, when on-selling, a quick revamp should be a no-brainer.

“Take a look at affordable options like floor mats or seat covers as a worthwhile investment to get the best possible offer at resale.

“Your local Isuzu dealership stocks mirrors, LED work lights, reflectors and side markers that can enhance value for a modest investment.

“If you’re considering affordable options for enhancing the functionality of your truck, Isuzu has a full range of mirrors and lighting options available,” Mr Plunkett said.

“Daytime running light kits or even LED work lights will boost your truck’s credentials when on-selling to tradies or service providers who require that extra visibility whatever time of the day or night they’re called to a job.”

If you’re considering adding an extra safety advantage that looks great, Isuzu’s polished chrome bullbars can also be purchased through your local Isuzu dealership to add that ‘ready-to-work’ feel to any make or model.

For warranty purposes, it’s also important to ensure you’re opting for a bullbar that is manufacturer-approved and Isuzu Bullbars have been rigorously tested to ensure they’re fully airbag compatible.


For the technology-inclined, Isuzu continues to stay ahead of the curve and offers some simple solutions for updating your trucks technological abilities before sale.

“In line with our ‘intelligent truck’ product range, you can purchase Isuzu’s state of the art Digital Audio Visual Equipment (DAVE) unit, which can be retrofitted into any Isuzu model,” Mr Plunkett said.

“Providing a 6’2” touchscreen with movie playback, two speakers, voice recognition software, Bluetooth capabilities, as well as iPod and smartphone compatibility. The updated DAVE is also Isuzu Telematics ready.”

Isuzu Telematics is an integrated intelligent trucking solution – a black box installed behind the truck’s dash panel works with a server and wireless devices to provide a range of operational and driver safety management efficiencies, such as live positioning, trip playback, and fleet and engine data information tools.

Isuzu Australia offers two levels of telematics experiences so that businesses can select the product that best meets their needs and requirements.

Both Isuzu Connect (which can be retrofitted to older models) and Isuzu Connect Plus, offer real-time reporting and a wealth of data covering vehicle and driver performance such as over-revving, heavy braking and adherence to geo-fenced areas.

Isuzu Connect Plus also provides additional safety offerings with a panic button, collision alert and door-open monitor.

And for an all-round safer drive, DAVE also offers optional GPS navigation and external camera connectivity to make sure you have every angle covered when parking and manoeuvring into those tight spaces.

With over 60 dealers Australia-wide, Isuzu Trucks has strength in numbers, offering complete servicing and aftersales support, regardless of the fleet size or application.


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