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Running any business is challenging enough, much less operating one in uncertain economic times. In such a trying environment, a fleet must continue to run smoothly and this is where regular, authorised servicing becomes more important than ever.

Taking the stress out of fleet maintenance, Isuzu Trucks offers a range of Priority Service Agreements catering to a range of Isuzu truck customers. With a storied history delivering reliable, fit-for-purpose products and support services to the Australian truck market, Isuzu’s Priority Service Agreements provide peace of mind and value for money, helping customers focus more on what matters most—building their business.

Truck servicing, minus the stress

Introduced in 2015, Isuzu Priority Service Agreements offer Australian truck owners and fleet managers a curated aftersales care solution, with a straight forward choice between three service plans: Isuzu Priority Total, Isuzu Priority One and Isuzu Priority Heritage.

All three levels of service agreements centre around a set monthly payment plan, each with a varying checklist of services with additional options also available.

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) National Service Manager, Brett Stewart, said Isuzu’s Priority Service Agreements provide confidence and clarity for Isuzu truck owners.

“One of Isuzu’s primary goals is to always provide genuine, lasting transport solutions and quality aftersales services that grow with the Australian market. The Priority Service Agreements are all about increasing uptime for businesses, and keeping costs stable and predictable throughout the lifecycle of the asset.

“With a straightforward monthly payment structure, there are no hidden surprises. It’s one competitive monthly cost that provides a known level of maintenance and support,” Mr Stewart said.

Predictability & planning

With a monthly payment plan and options to customise the selected plan, Isuzu Priority Service Agreements offer businesses flexibility and certainty around maintenance costs. This helps to simplify scheduled truck or fleet maintenance, as well as balance the monthly budget and spread operating costs evenly throughout the financial year.

Guaranteed value

Isuzu Priority Service Agreements are available in three plans.

  • Isuzu Priority Heritage caters to customers with Isuzu trucks that are over three years old. This service agreement includes quality servicing by Isuzu-trained technicians; this plan utilises the Best Value Parts range, and also covers lubricants, valve adjustments, wheel bearing repack, fault code check and more.
  • Isuzu Priority One is available for newly purchased trucks This plan offers authorised servicing by Isuzu-trained technicians and covers all the necessary servicing essentials offered in Priority Heritage. However, Priority One includes the use of Isuzu Genuine Parts, includes ancillary items such as globes, fan belts, wiper blades and coolant hoses  and offers customers the option to customise their package with items such as Extended Care, Extended Assist and after-hours servicing, among others.
  • Isuzu Priority Total is available for newly purchased trucks, and builds further on Isuzu Priority One, offering the ultimate coverage and peace of mind. In addition to what is included in Priority One, Priority Total also covers a truck’s essential, high-wear componentry, ranging from engine and transmission to brakes, suspension and electrical. This service agreement also offers extended add-on options, such as Extended Care, Extended Assist and after-hours servicing, among a suite of other options.

Investment in quality

All parts and labour included in Isuzu’s Priority Service Agreements are warranty backed, giving customers additional confidence. And with the added option of after-hours servicing in some locations, downtime can be kept to a minimum.

Mr Stewart elaborated further on Isuzu’s servicing offerings and said, “Isuzu has a long and strong track record as Australia’s truck market leader and the reliability of our parts and products speak for themselves.

“Our customers have their own businesses to attend to day-to-day. With Isuzu’s Priority Service Agreements, they have a competitive monthly cost for the business and they know that maintenance and service work on their trucks is carried out by trained professionals.”

Working for you

Mr Stewart also invited customers to take advantage of Isuzu’s extensive dealer network to support ongoing business operations, whether undertaking routine scheduled maintenance or essential repairs.

“Our customers have the benefit of being able to call into any one of the many Isuzu dealerships or Authorised Service and Parts Outlets nationwide for support, regardless of where the initial vehicle purchase was made,” Mr Stewart said.

“At the end of the day, we want to help busy operators and fleet managers increase efficiency, with peace of mind and minimal stress. That’s what our aftersales care programs like the Priority Service Agreements are here to do.”

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