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Isuzu Power Solutions a Story of Success in 2020

A true testament to the resilience and adaptability of Australian industry, this year has seen Isuzu Power Solutions (IPS) go from strength to strength, with effective planning driving the company through COVID-19 and significant supply chain disruptions.

Head of IPS, Matt Sakhaie, expressed his delight with the department’s performance, with particular emphasis on staff determination to support essential services and local businesses during a tumultuous year.

“I’m incredibly pleased with the way we conducted ourselves during this black-swan year,” Mr Sakhaie said.

“Our staff and the broader IPS network have shown real grit working with new systems and resources to support customers as much as possible, through tough operating conditions.

“New training programs for staff within IPS and participating dealerships has been developed, ensuring we are primed to operate effectively in the COVID-19 recovery period.”

Though social distancing restrictions brought a halt to what was predominantly a face-to-face sales scenario, efficient uptake of new technology and nimble leadership has IPS—and the wider industrial engines sector—moving ahead in leaps and bounds, setting excellent foundations for the future.

“We are on track to have a record-breaking 12 months, giving us a great platform to jump into what has been planned for the coming year,” Mr Sakhaie said.

“We have also taken the opportunity to reaffirm our long-term growth strategy and sales goals, with firm targets set for new product development and rollout very soon, which I’m sure our customers will be excited to hear.”

The recent announcement of 36 new IPS dealership signings nation-wide, with each location offering comprehensive sales, parts and service, is another example of how Isuzu’s engine and power solutions department is setting itself up for an explosive 2021.

Mr Sakhaie commented further, “Expanding our footprint to what will be the largest power solutions dealer network in Australia simply means better outcomes for our customers.

“Local businesses will have the freedom to visit a nearby dealer and will be able to access the full range of IPS products and services, along with their trucking requirements—all in one go.”