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As well as supplying tried and tested factory parts and componentry, Isuzu Trucks now caters to more truck owners than ever before with its extensive range of class-leading American driveline componentry.

Isuzu Trucks has enjoyed a longstanding association with specialist American manufacturers including Allison, Eaton, Meritor and Hendrickson with many Isuzu vehicles across the lineup featuring suspension, transmissions and axles sourced from these highly respected industry-leaders.

Isuzu Australia’s National Parts Manager, John Plunkett, says the continuous expansion of the American driveline parts offering is in lock-step with Isuzu’s continuous improvement mantra, from the trucks themselves through to the very best in aftersales support.

“Isuzu has a reputation of the highest standard the world over, so it makes sense that our partnership with these American suppliers not only compliments that standing, but strengthens it,” he said.

Isuzu Trucks’ long-established partnership with Indiana based Allison Transmission is a perfect case in-point. Not only are their automatic transmissions specified by the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, Allison are also the largest designer, developer, manufacturer and distributor of medium and heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems in the world.

“We want to reach a broader customer base with the best quality products on market, and continue to position Isuzu Parts as a single specialised source for the finest componentry and parts from around the world, available in Australia.

“Our aim is to meet the multiple needs and requirements of our customers in one location and with minimal downtime. Our staff, sales professionals and qualified technicians are experts in the product technology and always on hand to answer any questions customers might have.”

Fast facts: Allison Transmission

Allison Automatics have a global reputation for quality, reliability and durability and feature heavily across Isuzu’s medium and heavy-duty line-ups.

Renowned for their economy, resale and performance across a range of driving conditions and applications, Allison automatics increase vehicle productivity with their extended torque ranges and higher GVM capacities.


North American-based Meritor is a global supplier of axle, brake and suspension solutions developed especially for commercial truck and heavy-duty vehicles.

Sourced throughout the world, Meritor axles can be found across a number of Isuzu’s medium and heavy-duty offerings, but are still an optional extra for some competitors.


Originating in Chicago, Hendrickson has a coveted history specialising in truck suspension systems and pioneered the famous ‘walking beam’ tandem truck suspension in 1926.

These days Hendrickson produce everything from trailer suspension systems, auxiliary axle systems, springs, to metal bumpers and other heavy-duty components.

Isuzu Genuine Parts offer Hendrickson suspension systems for a variety of vocational truck application requirements and performance preferences.

The Hendrickson HAS series air suspensions, in particular, offer superior driver comfort as well as enhanced equipment and cargo protection for sensitive freight work, usually across the medium-duty weight range.


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