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Isuzu NPS 75-155 4X4 Servicepack: Review 

Geoff Middleton
March 28, 2017

With good uptake from customers, Isuzu’s Servicepack is spreading through the model range

Isuzu’s Ready to Work packages have been real hit in recent times. As the name suggests, the packages mean that owners can pick the package that suits their needs and simply drive it from the dealership to work, negating the usual fitout expense and downtime needed when buying a conventional cab/chassis setup.

One of the more popular packages in Isuzu’s Ready to Work range is the Servicepack which we first saw at the Brisbane Truck Show in 2015, and again with the launch of the updated N Series in 2016.

The Servicepack is described as a ‘truck-sized tool trolley’; it features nine separate compartments which are individually lockable and which are also connected to the truck’s central locking system – hit the button on the key fob and all your tools and equipment are safe.

The unique Australian-built body is constructed of powder-coated rolled steel with stainless-steel trim, and all the compartments have LED lighting which is operated via a switch on the dash so you can see your tools no matter what time of the day or night it is.

The Servicepack can be ordered with a loading crane (as our test vehicle was) and/or a towbar which is rated to tow a trailer up to 3500kg.

In between the two rows of compartments is a storage area which measures 2.16 metres long and 1.17 metres wide. The storage area has a checkerplate floor and four tie-down points, and you can also get barn doors on the back to keep your load secure.

Torque to burn

The 75-155 is powered by Isuzu’s 4HK1 engine which is a turbocharged and intercooled four-cylinder 16-valve overhead cam engine displacing 5193cc. Power is quoted as 114kW at 2400rpm and torque is 419Nm between 1600 and 2400rpm.

Our test vehicle had Isuzu’s MYY-5A five-speed manual gearbox which is in turn mated to a two-speed transfer case with high ratio of 1.0:1 and a low reduction of 1.842:1.

First gear in the main gearbox is a low 5.315 and the final drive ratio is again low at 5.571 giving a final reduction in first-low of 54.54:1 (second-low is a more realistic 29.84). But all this goes to show that this is not just a ‘me-too’ 4X4 but a very serious off-road tool.

On the highway, the NPS is no slouch either. Along with the Servicepack body and crane we were carrying a tonne or so of sandbags to emulate tools and associated gear that would normally be carried in the truck’s line of duty.

With a good spread of gears, we didn’t require first very often and found that freeway cruising was no problem with 80km/h showing at 2000rpm and 90km/h at 2150.

In the cab

It’s a fair climb up to the cab, assisted by two sturdy steps, but once in there it’s a pleasant place to be. The driver is rewarded with a mechanical suspension seat rated to 130kg. There is plenty of adjustment available in the seat, and the steering wheel offers tilt and telescopic adjustment so it’s easy to find a comfortable seating position. Passengers get a two-person bench with a fold-down tray in the middle.

The view from the driver’s perch is fantastic thanks to the height of the vehicle and the big windscreen. There are also large wing mirrors which are electrically adjustable, and smaller convex mirrors which aren’t.

Instrumentation is basic but eminently readable while Isuzu’s Digital Audio Visual Entertainment (DAVE) system dominates the centre of the dash. The DAVE system incorporates a digital radio, Bluetooth, reversing camera, and nav (if fitted). There’s also 4GB of internal storage for music as well as USB/SD card compatibility and provision for auxiliary output connection.

Ancillary switchgear included rocker switches for four-wheel drive, high/low ratio, hill-start assist slow/fast, DPD regeneration, while the left stalk controlled the wipers and exhaust brake and the right housed the indicators and lights.

There’s plenty of storage in the cab with overhead pockets (with thoughtful nets so the contents don’t fall on your head when you’re going up a steep hill), door pockets and a further storage area behind the seats.

On the road

The 75-155 is quiet. Considering that you’re sitting on the engine and that the vehicle is fitted with off-road pattern 8.5R17.5 Michelin XZT tyres, it doesn’t have much ambient noise at cruising speeds.

The suspension is single-stage leaf with stabiliser bar and hydraulic dampers on the front and multi-leaf main spring and helper spring on the rear. The combination is great with the suspension soaking up the bumps really effectively and ably assisted by the suspension seat.

The GVM of the vehicle is 7500kg with a GCM of 11,000kg. Brakes are drums all round with standard ABS which is active in high range only. Also standard is Isuzu’s Hill Start Aid (HSA), and the park brake is a transmission-mounted drum. We found the brakes to be excellent on the Servicepack and aided by the vacuum controlled exhaust brake which is a handy help especially in traffic.

It’s a remarkably simple truck to drive with a slick gearbox and light clutch. It’s comfortable enough to sit in all day and although it’s high and feels like a truck, it’s highly manoeuvrable and great around the city while still being confidently able to chew up the miles on the highway.

All fitted with the Servicepack body and Palfinger crane, the Isuzu 75-155 4X4 retails for around $125,900. The Crew Cab version which comes without the crane is $112,900 which, when you add up the sum total of what you’re getting seems like a pretty good deal.

Specifications: Isuzu 75-155 4X4 Servicepack

Engine: 5.2-litre four-cylinder, turbocharged intercooled 16-valve SOHC diesel

Power: 114kW @ 2600rpm

Torque: 419Nm @ 1600-2600rpm

Transmission: Five-speed manual with two-speed transfer case

High ratio: 1:1

Low ratio: 1.842:1

Brakes: Drum/drum with ABS

Axle front: Full-floating Banjo type, Birfield outer joints and manual locking front hubs,

3100kg capacity

Axle rear: Full-floating Banjo type, four-pinion limited-slip diff, 6600kg capacity

GVM: 7500kg

GCM: 11,000kg

Fuel: 140 litres

Max towing weight: 3500kg

Warranty: Three years 100,000km with 24hr roadside assist

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