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When you’re setting the Australian benchmark in water, waste and energy solutions, it’s crucial your trucks match the calibre of your company’s reputation.

Considered global leaders in their field, the Veolia name has become synonymous with industry best practice, and the company now services the heavy industry, commercial and municipal sectors throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Working closely with customers to create compliant, environmental solutions that keep sustainability front of mind, Veolia is also committed to resource recovery – providing composting facilities, liquid treatment plants and construction waste recovery facilities as part of its extensive service offerings.

It’s this future-focused approach to waste management which has seen the Tasmanian group of Veolia Environmental Services steadily grow its customer base – and Isuzu truck fleet – during its 36 years of operation on the Apple Isle.

Always on the lookout for trucks that deliver the robust power and performance demanded by the waste management task, Veolia was quick to snap up Tassie’s very first FYH 2000 8×4 model in 2013.

“We were essentially the first to buy the twin steer 8×4 right off the production line – it was the first Isuzu eight wheeler in our fleet and the first of its kind in Tasmania,” Veolia Maintenance Co-ordinator for North Tasmania, James O’Brien said.

“I’m often in discussion with drivers about the power and handling of our trucks in different applications, and the FY is right up there.”

Since then, the 8×4 has clocked up over 200,000 km and proved a more than worthy addition to the fleet.

So much so, Veolia went on to purchase a second FYH 2000 8×4 in the latter part of 2014 to service Launceston and surrounding areas.

The two Isuzu FY trucks now join an existing line-up of 35 Tasmania-based Isuzu trucks across the N, F and Giga series, engaged for their impressive handling and ease-of-adaptability to a wide variety of waste management applications.

Both of the newly-recruited FYH 2000 8×4 models are fitted with a hooklift unit and used to carry anything from steel beams through to general waste.

“The FY trucks are primarily used for carting 15 – 40 cubic metre bins from transfer stations and construction sites, and for green waste pick-ups,” James said.

The FYH 2000 provides drivers with the added benefits of the Allison 6-speed heavy duty automatic transmission, making life easier when navigating Hobart’s hilly terrain.

“There are a lot of challenges here with gradients and the automatic transmission in the FY is great,” James said.

“Using a manual transmission in this environment you’re constantly changing gears so the automatic is easier on the truck and easier on the drivers.

“The truck also travels on gravel roads, in and out of tip sites and waste transfer stations, and we’ve found the manoeuvrability and turning circle of the FY is ideal for getting into tight spots.”

Complementary to Veolia’s commitment to environmental efficiency, is the FY’s SiTEC Series III 350 engine and emission control system which comfortably meets Euro V standards required under the ADR 80/03.

“I’ve been working with Isuzu products for a long time and I know the resale of the Isuzu has always been great compared to any other truck out there.

“When they do come up they always go for a good dollar, and that’s important to us,” James said.

“Maintenance on Isuzu trucks is cost effective and realistic, and in terms of reliability, we drive ‘service to service’ and the trucks are very rarely off the road.”


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