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Isuzu FX and FY Updates Deliver More

Isuzu’s FX and FY ranges of heavy-duty trucks have set the bar since their introduction to Australian truck landscape – first with the brawny 325 hp FX models in 2008, updated to 350 hp and Euro V in 2011, and then again in 2013 with the highly anticipated twin-steer 8×4 and 10×4 FY range with its load sharing front-suspension, industry-best American driveline and highly competitive tare mass.

The trucks have since become a staple on Australian roads, making short work of whatever task Australian businesses throw their way. Over countless kilometres criss-crossing the nation they’ve earned a reputation as a no-nonsense workhorse – as reliable as they are tough.

With the latest updates to the FX and FY range of heavy-duty trucks, Isuzu have delivered the motherlode; an increase in towing capacity combined with leading-edge technology and engineering features to boost efficiency and deliver a stress-free driving experience.

The best term to describe the update is ‘more,’ more of everything. More wheelbases, more models with automatic transmissions, more GCM, more technology and more engineering improvements, all whilst retaining the features that have made Isuzu the leading brand in the Australian truck market for 29 years running.

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) Director, Sales and Marketing, Andrew Harbison said Isuzu engineers were aware of the need to provide cutting-edge technology while retaining the reliability our customers have come to expect.

“We knew there was a great opportunity to include enhancements that directly impact on the performance of these model ranges while continuing to deliver the reliability that operators rightly expect from their Isuzu,” Mr Andrew Harbison, Isuzu Australia’s Director of Sales and Marketing said.


Power and payload is where the FX and FY cut their teeth, offering impressive GVM and GCM ratings, and the updated range benefits from the introduction of eight new models to the FX range and an additional three to the FY range.

With a range of wheelbases and suspension configurations in both model ranges, as well as the availability of the Allison 4430 Automatic transmission in most models, Isuzu have responded to the demands of the market by ensuring the specification options are targeted to key heavy-duty applications.

Engineering and Technology

Isuzu has built its reputation on the back of its engineering nous, which is second to none. Some of the broad improvements include new coolant temperature gauges, relocated height sensors, uprated alternator (to 90A), and standardising tail lamp connectors and ABS connectors for towing across various models.

Other changes include the FYJ, FXZ, and FXY Auto Medium wheelbase models with drivelines specified for short distance construction applications, and the associated stop-start, low-speed driving.

Sat Nav

Now coming as standard across all FX and FY models, is the addition of satellite navigation. The package includes map updates and truck-centric information to help operators and drivers get the best return on their time.

Continual improvement

IAL Chief Engineer, Product Strategy, Simon Humphries, spoke to the technological and engineering improvements.

“We were very conscious of the strengths of previous incarnations of the FX and FY ranges. These trucks are known for a superior engine, comfortable cab and low noise levels, and we were looking to build on these characteristics.

“We focused on expanding the FX and FY ranges to include a lot more transmission options and wheelbases. That includes broader availability of the Allison 4430 automatic transmission,” Mr Humphries said.

“Isuzu has chosen to maintain the competitive power and torque ratings of the popular 6UZ1-TC engine, even when fitted with an Allison automatic, by selecting the higher capacity HD Series transmission.

“The result is superior performance, towing capacity and durability for Isuzu operators.”

All FX 4×2 and 6×2 models now feature a 38,000 kg GCM rating, regardless of transmission, while all FX 6×4 and FY 8×4 and 10×4 models have a standard GCM rating of 45,000 kg.

“The breadth of the FX and FY ranges means Isuzu is now offering one of the most comprehensive heavy-duty truck offerings on the Australian market,” Mr Humphries said.

With Isuzu’s technological and engineering improvements combined with the brand’s legendary reputation for reliability, the updated FX and FY models will continue to help drive Australian business.

“These trucks have found favour with a growing market segment over the years, and we look forward to serving the road-transport needs of discerning heavy truck buyers with our latest model offering.”