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Spending 18 years at the top of your game means providing a dependable service with top quality equipment you can never fault.

Based in Melbourne’s south east, DHH is a respected leader in the transport of building equipment throughout Australia with 55 dedicated staff on board.

Be it an excavator required on a busy commercial building site, or a grader for civil road works out in the bush, DHH has the equipment to pick it up and float it to where it needs to be.

Earlier this year, Workshop Manager, Steve Sawrey, opted for two new Isuzu FVY 1400s which join the FYJ Twin Steer and an older model FVD.

Moving heavy machinery like bulldozers, graders, forklifts and diggers as well as silos, tanks and agricultural equipment is extremely hard on the equipment and Steve needs quality he can rely on.

“I’ve been in the transport industry a long time, both as a driver and in mechanical work. I’ve had Isuzu trucks in the past and I’m well aware of how reliable they are,” Steve said.

Customers like Coates Hire and Caterpillar Australia, operating in some of the nation’s most important industries like mining and construction, means there’s no room for cutting corners.

“The trucks run anywhere from 80,000 to 100,000 kilometres a year, in both urban and rural routes, and they handle both environments really well.

“The older Isuzus we had in the fleet previously did these runs comfortably, so we knew what to expect,” Steve said.

Drivers can spend extended hours in the truck, so cab comfort was high on the list of priorities.

The FVY has an ECE-R29 compliant cab, along with an ISRI 6860 air suspension driver’s seat with height and weight adjustment and pneumatic lumbar support.

“Isuzu offers great comfort. The drivers say they’re not as fatigued as they were from driving the other trucks, which is a great benefit for us, it’s a lot more driver friendly.”

Steve’s FVYs have a standard Australian Trailer Manufacturer’s tilt tray fitted alongside a winch for pulling equipment on and off.

“90 per cent of the haulage we do is drive on, drive off, so the tilt tray is perfect for our line of work,” Steve said.

DHH demands strength from their equipment, so the load carrying capacity was another key procurement factor.

With a GVM of 24,000 kg and a GCM rating of 36,000 kg, the Isuzu FVY more than measured up to the task.

A power rating of 221 kW @ 2,400 rpm and torque of 981 Nm @ 1,450 rpm means even with a full load on board, Steve’s drivers have confidence to spare.

After a period of time investigating competitor trucks, Steve grew tired of constant breakdowns and sub-par performance, eventually returning to Isuzu for good.

“We wanted greater reliability and operational stability. The other trucks we had were having a lot of breakdowns, and causing us a huge amount of drama from an operational standpoint. We were very frustrated,” Steve said.

“We shopped around and the package Isuzu put together for us was very attractive. We decided to go back again.”

Cutting edge safety is also a highlight in these heavy-duty workhorses. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), comes as standard along with cruise control and an ECE-R93 compliant Front Underun Protection Device (FUPD).

“Simply speaking, I like the way they work, and it comes down to reliability for us,” Steve said.

“They are great trucks, they drive well and we’ve had no problems. We’re very happy. We’d have no problems going for Isuzu again.”

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