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Australia’s top trucking journalists descended on Brisbane this week to experience first-hand Isuzu’s new medium-duty F Series range and the award winning NLR 45-150 Servicepack.

The new F Series range was officially unveiled back in February this year to excellent reviews from customers and the nation’s press. ­

This week, journalists were out on the road in Brisbane for a genuine ‘behind-the-wheel’ experience.

Core to the flexibility of Isuzu’s new truck range is the option of  two very different driveline technologies available for the 4×2 and 4×4 models.

Customers can opt for the high tech and ultra-efficient 5.2 litre, four cylinder, two-stage turbocharged and intercooled 4HK1 available in two power ratings, or the formidable six-cylinder Isuzu 6HK1 with Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) for low maintenance and unparalleled dependability.

Models featured during the test program included a total of seven F Series trucks (refer table below) with a number of different bodies and all loaded to 80 per cent capacity.

Also making an appearance was Isuzu’s heavy-duty FYJ 2000 8×4 Auto MWB, and brand new NLR 45-150 Servicepack fresh from winning Delivery Magazine’s Best Light Truck of the Year for 2016.

The test fleet was put to work across a challenging 150 km route that included a range of different road terrains around Brisbane’s outer regional and metro areas.

The route covered a variety of driving conditions that are part and parcel of daily medium-duty trucking applications – urban and industrial areas, freeways and second-class country roads.

The day-long drive program commenced from Queensland’s largest Isuzu truck dealership, Brisbane Isuzu in Archerfield.

The drive route took journalists to the summit of Mount Coot-tha, and over to Ipswich for an Isuzu food truck lunch stop. It continued through to Goodna before winding its way back to Archerfield in Brisbane’s south.

Clear stand-outs for the media on the test drive were the introduction of the TC-AMT, and the 4HK1 engine – hailed as a significant development for the industry. The low maintenance advantage of the 6HK1 with DOC was also acknowledged as a key benefit of the range.

Tim Giles, Feature Editor Diesel Magazine said: “If someone told me 10 years ago I’d be driving around in a four cylinder truck, performing the sort of work these new medium duty trucks are designed to do, I’d think they were mad.”

“When you put together the new four cylinder engine with the torque converter AMT, you get a really comprehensive package, these features together in the one truck – it just works.

“I can see a genuine position within the market for these new four cylinders.”

Peter Shields, Senior Feature Writer, Prime Mover magazine said: “Driving the trucks with a realistic 80 per cent load on the back was important.”

“We moved across the sort of terrain you’d expect these vehicles to be operating in, and the trucks performed exceptionally.”

Steve Brooks, Writer, Owner Driver and ATN Magazine said: “The torque converter in the AMT has made a huge difference to the performance of that transmission, especially down in the lower rev-range.

“I think Isuzu has hit the mark with these new lower displacement models.”

“The strong just keep getting stronger.”

IAL Chief Operating Officer and Director Phil Taylor said Isuzu’s popular media drive programs continue to be an essential conduit in conveying features and benefits of Isuzu products to the public.

“Our customers look to the media for an honest industry appraisal of these new products, so for Isuzu it’s essential we get the experts behind the wheel and give them the opportunity to put forward a tried and tested review to the industry,” Mr Taylor said.

“Isuzu has held top position in the medium duty segment for many years now, and the move towards low-displacement, high output technology is designed to well and truly cement that domination.”

“We’re confident it will be a real game-changer.”


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