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Isuzu’s class leading Ready to Work range of trucks is underpinned by a simple philosophy – to make life easier for Australian tradies by eliminating the lead times traditionally associated with purchasing a heavy vehicle.

With 16 model variants in the Ready to Work range pre-fitted with tipper bodies, Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) is helping operators in the landscaping, earthmoving and local government fields – to name just a few – quickly and easily get behind the wheel of the right vehicle.

The depth of Isuzu’s Ready to Work tipper range ensures that there’s an application-specific truck raring to tackle whatever task, big or small, that’s thrown its way.

The recently released NLR 55/45-150 Tri-Tipper exemplifies how seriously Isuzu has taken up the challenge of providing engineering solutions for any job that requires a tipper.

The gutsy vehicle offers a GVM of 5,500 kg, which can be de-rated to 4,500 kg and driven on a car licence. Out the back, its all-steel tipper body with drop sides holds 2.0 m3 and tips to the left, right and rear.

IAL Chief Engineer, Product Strategy, Simon Humphries, said that beyond the ease of purchase – a cornerstone of the entire Ready to Work range – the NLR 55/45-150 Tri-Tipper would offer a range of additional benefits to operators.

“The NLR 55/45-150 Tri-Tipper is all about offering even greater levels of versatility and convenience for operators looking to carry loads to urban sites, be it for construction, landscaping or council works,” Mr Humphries said.

“Fitted with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Isuzu’s Stability Control System (IESC), Anti Skid Regulator (ASR) and Hill Start Assist (HSA), the Tri-Tipper is packed with a suite of technology that offers drivers peace of mind every time the engine turns over.”

For operators wanting the brains and brawn of the Tri-Tipper, but only requiring rear-tipping functionality, IAL’s Ready to Work range also includes the NLR 55/45-150 Tipper.

A vehicle smartly appointed and powered by the punchy 4JJ1-TCS 4-cylinder engine, producing 110 kW @ 2,800 rpm and 375 Nm @ 1,600 – 2,800 rpm, the NLR Tipper is ideal for operators seeking tipping capabilities on sites with room to manoeuvre.

This model is also available de-rated to 4,500 kg GVM and can be driven on a car licence.

Sitting alongside this model is the 4,500 kg GVM NLR 45-150 Tipper, providing the same functionality, with the option of Isuzu’s latest Automated Manual Transmission with Torque Converter (TC-AMT) and Park position, or manual transmission. This impressive model is also able to be driven with a car driver’s licence, while all NLR Tipper models have a tipping body capacity of 2.0 m3

“We are serious about providing a tipper that suits every job, and every driver. The NLR 45-150 Tipper means even people who aren’t traditional truck drivers can reap the rewards of the hauling power and functionality of the Ready to Work tipper range,” Mr Humphries said.

The NPR 45-55/155 Tipper offers an ideal solution for operators who are looking to carry a larger load. The body can carry a volume of 2.3 m3 and is available with a GVM of 4,500 kg in the car driver’s licence category, or 5,500 kg in the light rigid truck licence category.

Even when the NPR is lugging a load, the Isuzu 4HK1-TCN engine, rated at 114 kW @ 2,600 rpm and 419 Nm @ 1,600 – 2,600 rpm, coupled with an Isuzu MYY-6E 6-speed manual, provides drivers with the grunt they need to get the job done on the road and the worksite.

“The Ready to Work tipper range also caters to drivers looking to take their truck off the bitumen,” Mr Humphries said.

“Many of our customers require access to off-road sites, or operate in conditions with less traction which is why Isuzu developed the go-anywhere NLS 45-150 All Wheel Drive Tipper.”

The on-demand part-time all wheel drive system means operators can rely on the NLS 45-150 to take its 2.1 m3 load wherever needed.

The NPR 65/45-190 Tipper rated at 6,500 kg GVM, can also be de-rated to 4,500 kg GVM to be driven on a car licence, and is another brawny model in the Ready to Work tipper range. This model also comes in a crew cab variant for when businesses need to lug the most precious cargo – employees.

Isuzu’s Ready to Work truck models are specified and conveniently pre-bodied to cater to key trade, transport and materials handling applications.

All models feature Isuzu factory backed bodies with tray, van, service-body and tipper applications covered.

Isuzu Ready to Work models can be driven straight from the dealer showroom to the worksite (once registered and insured), and with no time required for body build.

With models ranging from the 4,500 kg GVM Traypack, Tradepack and Tipper through to the FRR 107-210 Tipper, Isuzu Ready to Work trucks offer turn-key solutions for vital trade and transport applications.