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Isuzu Chief Welcomes Cummins Collaboration

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) has welcomed recent announcements from Isuzu Motors Limited (Japan) concerning further developments to the Isuzu-Cummins Powertrain Partnership agreement.

The agreement underscores the commitment of both companies to continue to advance opportunities in developing diesel and diesel-based powertrain technology for a global market.

IAL’s Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Harbison, welcomed the fresh developments and in particular, the possibilities it may present for Australian truck customers.

“We’re pleased to see this exciting collaboration take another step forward,” Mr Harbison said.

“Both Cummins and Isuzu Motors Limited have extraordinary tenure in the global automotive sector, so it’s genuinely exciting to see where this synergy could lead.”

Expected to cater to both advanced and developing global truck markets, the leverage of complementary expertise and experience brings two of the world’s automotive heavyweights closer together.

“Australia is a highly-regarded market and we work closely with our parent company in Japan to ensure our customers have access to the world’s best road transport solutions,” Mr Harbison said.

“This recent announcement is another important stride towards ensuring that continues long into the future.”