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Australia will be among the first countries in the world to bring the latest in Japanese technology to its light-duty truck market, with a suite of updates to Australia’s most popular truck range – the Isuzu N Series.

Boasting new model variants, superior technology and the introduction of Isuzu’s 3rd Generation Automated Manual Transmission with torque converter (TC-AMT), the 2016 updates build on the credentials of the acclaimed new 2016 F Series and 2015 N Series ranges.

Completing the roll-out of Isuzu Electronic Stability Control (IESC) to the 4×2 N Series range in 2016 is the introduction of IESC to the ever-popular NQR model.

This also sets a global first, with this light-duty performer being the first Isuzu NQR in the world to receive the IESC specification.

Offering the Australian market transport solutions perfectly specified for their operating environment is something Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) Chief Engineer, Product Strategy, Simon Humphries, believes is made easier by the fact they’ve held the market leader position for the last 27 years.

“We’ve been number one for a long time and Isuzu Motors Japan want to do what they can to assist us in our efforts to stay in the top spot,” Mr Humphries said.

“They continue to collaborate with us to ensure we have the best possible products to offer the local market, and that our trucks perform at the highest possible level in Australian conditions.”

“This ongoing product development and close relationship with Japan provides our customers with enormous benefits in terms of having more choice, greater access to the latest technology and more driveability across the entire range.”

The latest updates align with broader industry trends towards low displacement engines that deliver on performance. As an example, the Isuzu three litre 4JJ1 engine is now powering models up to 6.5 tonnes GVM across the N Series range.

“Passenger cars feature almost exclusively two-pedal transmissions today and they have been progressively moving toward high performing, low displacement engines in recent years, a trend we see occurring in the truck market as well,” Mr Humphries said.

“For commercial vehicles, the benefits are improved fuel economy and performance that is more than up to the task.”

Mr Humphries said that 2016 N Series models with TC-AMT come equipped with a ‘P’ position and parking pawl to give customers a more “car-like” drive on a day-to-day basis.

“The smartly calibrated new 3rd Generation TC-AMT offers smoother take-off, greater fuel efficiency and more flexibility for operators.”

More driver control with the new TC-AMT

The N Series continues to bring the best of Japanese technology to market with the introduction of Isuzu’s 3rd Generation Automated Manual Transmission with torque converter (TC-AMT) to all AMT models with the 3.0 Litre (150 PS) 4JJ1 engine.

“With the new TC-AMT, customers will benefit from the shift quality and launch feeling of a full auto with the added fuel economy benefits of a well-driven manual,” Mr Humphries said.
The new transmission has been developed after benchmark testing in Australia, with shift timing and logic designed to suit Australian driving conditions and styles, including roundabouts.”

This includes a kick-down feature that comes into play when the accelerator is pressed beyond a detent, allowing for swifter roundabout exiting.

The TC-AMT also features a P-position shift lever, which engages a new, substantial park pawl and gear at the rear of the transmission. Ratio set has also been adjusted to reduce the gaps from 2nd to 3rd gears, and also 3rd to 4th gears, resulting in improved fuel economy and smoother operation at partial throttle.

Once P is selected, the parking pawl engages the gear with a capacity able to hold a fully laden truck when parked on a reasonable slope.

While it’s still imperative the parking brake is engaged, Mr Humphries believes the added security will provide invaluable piece of mind for drivers and will be a familiar feature for two-pedal car drivers.

Isuzu NNR: More choice, power and payload

The MY16 Isuzu N Series updates will also see six new model variants join the ranks of the intelligent light-duty range, including the NNR 65-150 MWB and the NNR 65-150 AMT MWB models.

Powered by the 4 cylinder, 4JJ1 engine, the NNR 65-150 models are rated at 6,500 kg GVM.

Transmission options include the Isuzu Manual Transmission or new TC-AMT with P-position, for customers seeking the best of both worlds.

Another vital introduction to the 2016 N Series range is the NNR 55/45-150.

Available at 5,500 kg GVM as standard – with option to de-rate to 4,500 kg GVM – the updated model also boasts larger rear disc brakes than the lesser rated models and new TC-AMT with P-position transmission option.

Superior Safety

The 2016 N Series updates put a full stop on the introduction of Isuzu Electronic Stability Control (IESC) to the 4×2 light-duty range, with the NQR now also boasting this proven safety technology.

Isuzu’s IESC on-board system gathers information from a range of sensors to detect and help correct an unexpected loss of control.

Data from sensors throughout the truck is continually fed to an electronic hydraulic control unit or EHCU.

This data then informs automated engine torque and braking reactions to bring an otherwise risky driving scenario back under control.

The IESC detects any wheel slippage and cuts power to the drive wheels, while automatically applying brakes to whichever wheel is required for correction – providing greater safety than ever before.

In addition to IESC, now standard across the on-road N Series range, is a long list of complementary preventative safety aids, including: Anti-lock braking, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Anti-Slip Regulator and Hill Assist.

The perfect fit

The 2016 Isuzu N Series updates will be warmly-welcomed by rental fleets who have “occasional truck drivers” primarily behind the wheel.

The N Series is already an ultra-reliable staple of rental fleets around the country due to passenger car licence requirements, and Isuzu has now honed the range to make it even more user-friendly and ensure fewer issues on the road for those not accustomed to driving a truck.

The look, feel and comfortable cabin create a genuine car-like experience, enhancing appeal to a wider pool of drivers, while added amenities such as a new overhead console security net that keeps manuals and similar items safely stowed away demonstrate a practical and thoughtful attention to detail.

IAL Chief Operation Officer and Director, Phil Taylor, said developing vehicles for the Australian market is a key element in IAL’s mission to cater specifically to our customers’ needs.

“Every aspect of the new N Series updates has been adopted with our customers top of mind, and we’re positive the latest range of enhancements will be extremely well-received by those looking for greater efficiencies and performance across the board,” Mr Taylor said.

“With the MY16, the nation’s favorite light duty truck has some intelligent new updates, with a raft of added extras to cement the range as one of the safest, most flexible truck models on the road.”


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