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Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) has some exciting news for the Australian road transport industry: the company has commenced an electric vehicle (EV) concept program.

IAL is proud to preview two locally developed EV concept vehicles at supply chain and logistics event, MegaTrans 2018, being held at the Melbourne Convention Centre from 10-12 May.

Emerging EV revolution

Whilst electric motors have had a number of false starts since they first appeared in the mid-19th century, the age of the ‘EV’ has well and truly arrived.

Some major obstacles to EV development, namely battery storage capacity, distance, demand, regulatory settings and cost, have all largely been overcome.

Key to EV viability has been major advancements in lithium-ion batteries in recent times. With higher power density and a life span far superior to many other batteries, lithium-ion power sources now allow vehicles to travel increased distances off a single charge.

Also bolstering the economic viability of EV has been the increasingly reduced cost of lithium-ion batteries. Their price dropped significantly between 2010 and 2016, while at the same time, sales of electric vehicles have grown by 160 per cent per annum on average.

Consulting firm McKinsey suggest the ‘e-Truck’ market share will reach 15 per cent overall by 2030, while light-duty truck sales could climb as high as 25-35 per cent in China and across the European market.

IAL’s EV Concept

Isuzu Australia Limited is strategically placed in the industry-wide push towards electrically powered vehicles, and locally, IAL can announce the Australian operation has commenced an EV concept development program.

IAL is looking at key urban applications in the 6,500 kg – 14,000 kg GVM class and each model has a benchmark operating range of between 200 and 250 kilometres.

The edge

The IAL EV driveline fits with existing Isuzu commercial vehicle (CV) cab-chassis, while smart software maximises battery usage and regeneration.

Some other technological advantages include…

  • Battery packs well protected within chassis rails
  • Highly efficient driveline with no transmission losses
  • 22kW on-board charging system and cable reduces reliance on EV charging stations
  • Plugs into a standard industrial 400-415V 3-phase socket

Direct power

Powering the EV concept models is a direct-drive permanent magnet motor, which is substantially more efficient than a reduction gear drive. The magnet motor also provides superior torque.

Two different battery types spanning an energy storage range between 100kW h – 135kW h provide the power source, while the electric motors produce 130kW to 250kW peak output.

Charged and ready

The IAL EV concept models are fitted with a 22kW on-board charging unit, meaning that the trucks can be recharged via a standard industrial three-phase power outlet.

The battery pack is securely located between the chassis rails, rather than ‘side saddle’, which provides both impact protection and optimised vehicle balance.

Evaluation will continue through 2018 and into 2019.

For a closer inspection of IAL’s EV concept models, make your way to MegaTrans in Melbourne this May!