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Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) has enjoyed its 29th consecutive year as Australia’s highest selling truck brand in 2017.

IAL Director and Chief Operating Officer, Phil Taylor, congratulated everyone throughout the dealer network for the efforts that saw the brand retain its market leadership title.

“These figures are testament to the hard work everyone within the broader Isuzu organisation puts in day in, day out. We have some of the very best people in the business – from our extremely professional dealer network, to our world-class service technicians, the tremendous team at head office, and of course all of our partners, it’s ultimately the people who make the wheel turn in the right direction,” Mr Taylor said.

“Our 2017 performance also indicates that Isuzu trucks are continuing to meet the needs of Australian businesses – especially in the rapidly growing heavy truck market, where our tough and reliable offering saw sales grow by nine per cent over the year.

“To be able to sell 8,898 trucks over the course of 2017 is a real vindication that we’re delivering for customers.

“We’re consistently taking a microscope to our operations to ensure we’re meeting the shifting needs of Australian businesses by equipping them with technologically advanced and efficient vehicles, coupled with a level of support unmatched by our competitors.”

Mr Taylor noted the importance of Isuzu’s continued focus on customer satisfaction as an underlying factor behind the accomplishment.

“This fantastic result highlights the importance our dealer network continues to place on understanding the business challenges our customers face, and working with them to find Isuzu heavy vehicles that allow operators to overcome obstacles and increase their efficiency,” he said.

“Our dealers all recognise that their expertise is a valuable resource their clients are looking to draw upon.

“Everyone at Isuzu understands that taking the time to identify the unique needs of every customer creates the best outcome.

“And I strongly believe our 29 years of market leadership shows that the approach we have taken to date, and will continue to take, is the correct one.”

Isuzu still striving for greatness

Since taking the mantle of Australia’s top-selling truck brand in 1989, Isuzu has tirelessly worked to develop products that combine innovative technologies with application-tailored specifications.

In 2017, this approach saw Isuzu beef up its class-leading Ready to Work range of pre-bodied light trucks. From the NLR 55-150 Tri-Tipper to the NPS 75-155 4×4 Crew Servicepack, Isuzu has provided even more customer groups with purpose-built vehicles that, once registered, can be driven straight from the dealership to the job site.

IAL Director, Sales and Marketing, Andrew Harbison, said Isuzu would add additional vehicles to the Ready to Work in 2018 – in addition to keeping a keen eye on how their market leading model ranges could be enhanced as well.

“Isuzu has never – and will never – take for granted the loyalty of its Australian customers,” Mr Harbison said.

“In 2018 we’re going to be drilling further down into what customers need from their heavy vehicles, and ensuring that our offering across the operating spectrum, from our 4.5 tonne GVM NLR 45-150 to the Giga EXY 260-520 prime mover, continue to provide the right mix of features and performance that Australian transport businesses need.

Mr Taylor mirrored this sentiment. While thrilled with IAL’s 2017 performance, he said the company is always looking ahead at innovative ways it can deliver market-leading products backed up with unmatched support across the entire dealer network.

“I’m very proud of Isuzu’s market leading 2017 sales figures; but I’m for an even more successful 2018. I think as everyone at Isuzu strives to hit 30 years on top of the market, we’re going to focus on new ways we can improve the Isuzu ownership experience.”