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According to the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, more than half the value of Tasmania’s agricultural production comes from just eight per cent of irrigated Tasmanian farmland.

With irrigation schemes, both in the planning stages and well-underway across the state, the demand for powered irrigation solutions is growing.

Enter Isuzu’s industrial engine power solutions.

Widely-known for its decades of Australian truck market leadership, Isuzu has begun to establish lasting credentials in the power and re-power market over recent years.

The agricultural pumping and irrigation sector has been a long-time favourite of Isuzu Engines, with its comprehensive line-up of turn-key power solutions from two through to six-cylinder engines.

With experience on the ground in Tasmania already, Isuzu Engines also delivers end-to-end bespoke engineering. It’s a hands-on service, designed to instil efficiencies across multiple applications, particularly irrigation and water movement.

Maximizing water use efficiency is one area where a customised and fully-engineered solution can produce significant gains for the agricultural sector.

Selecting and maintaining the right equipment is vital for preventing water loss and increasing overall productivity.

The major causes of evaporation and water loss include poor irrigation uniformity, leakage from network piping and source points, along with unsuitable scheduling decisions.

Knowing when to start, when to stop and how much to apply is critical to maximising efficiencies and saving water – all elements that can be programmed and automated.

Isuzu’s Engine Sales Manager, Rod Best, said the brand’s steady expansion is continuing to evolve to provide unique solutions based on terrain, climate and application.

“We’ve continued to improve our product range and have paid particular attention to the agricultural irrigation sector, where our power solutions are very well suited.

“Tasmania generates an average 12 per cent of Australia’s water runoff,” Rod Said.

“That’s an extremely valuable resource and about the same volume as the entire Murray Darling Basin combined.

“At Isuzu, we aim to provide integrated power solutions and efficiencies to produce profitable and sustainable farming systems off the back of natural resources like that.

“We’re always excited to meet the end-users out there at the coal-face. Each situation we apply our products to is uniquely different, so we’re always keen to discuss varying solutions with potential customers.”

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