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Ready-mixed concrete is one of the toughest materials to transport. Freight companies have to overcome difficulties such as the weight of the load and the strict temperature requirements to keep it in the optimum pouring condition, not to mention the threat of solidification and contamination.

Leftover residue from a previous delivery, or a slight leak in the concrete mixer bowl have the potential to ruin an entire load.

Given the potential issues, experience is a highly regarded attribute when choosing a company to deliver concrete. That’s why Interhaul Transport, based on Queensland’s Gold Coast, is always in high demand.

Interhaul has been transporting concrete since 1988, and subcontracting concrete deliveries for industry-leading Nucon Concrete since 2003. Its founder, John Polites, doesn’t tip-toe around their capabilities.

“We’re the best,” John said. “We stand out because of our experience and commitment.

“Interhaul sub-contracts ready-mixed concrete deliveries across Queensland, and my drivers are some of the hardest workers in the business.”

John’s praise is reinforced by one of his delivery drivers, Mike Smith, who has worked for Interhaul for two years and said the company is so busy he rarely has any downtime.

“I work flat out but I enjoy it,” Mike said. “My shifts vary but I regularly drive 10 hour days.”

John believes that upholding Interhaul’s impressive reputation and demanding workload requires tough, reliable delivery trucks, so when he was in the market for a new rig, he chose an Isuzu FYJ 2000 8×4 Agitator spec model.

The FYJ 2000 has a GVM rated at 30,000 kg, 257 kW @ 2,000 rpm and 1,422 Nm @ 1,400 rpm, making it a powerful, purpose built truck suitable for a wide variety of applications and the agitator model has been specified to suit the particular demands of concrete agitator work.

The FYJ’s power is generated by Isuzu’s turbocharged and air to air intercooled SITEC III 350 6-cylinder, 24 valve engine, which maintains Isuzu’s renowned reliability while offering enough grunt to navigate rough terrain.

“The FYJ’s cab’s very comfortable, the truck always offers enough power and its capacity suits us perfectly,” Mike said.

“Overall, the Isuzu is an excellent truck to drive.”

For the transmission, the FYJ has a smooth-shifting Allison 4430 series 6-speed automatic, while driver comfort is ensured by features like cruise control and an Isri 6860 air-suspension seat with pneumatic lumbar support.

“The truck operates in mostly metropolitan areas,” Mike said. “But it does some off road driving around worksites and handles it brilliantly.

“It negotiates heavy traffic, roundabouts, narrow streets and poorly prepared, tight access worksites with ease. The truck’s turning circle is fantastic.”

With safety a top priority for Isuzu, the FYJ also features a driver’s side airbag with seatbelt pretensioner, Anti-lock Braking (ABS) and Isuzu Electronic Stability Control (IESC), which can automatically detect and help correct a loss of control on the road.

Isuzu’s focus on the driver extends to a range of other features inside the cab, including a 12-volt power outlet, in-cab fire extinguisher and a Digital Audio Visual Equipment (DAVE) unit with DVD/Mp3/CD playback, a 6.2 inch LCD touchscreen, digital radio and fully integrated Bluetooth with voice recognition.

“My favourite feature is the truck’s visibility, it makes driving so much easier,” Mike said.

“The heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system are also stand outs. Isuzu compares very favourably with other truck brands that I’ve driven.

“The FYJ has had a really positive effect on my daily work.”