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Representatives from Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) head office and members of Isuzu’s dealer network have visited Japan to attend the 45th Tokyo Motor Show, held between 27 October and 5 November.

The show, hosted by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association and themed ‘Beyond the Motor’, offered the IAL delegates deep insights into the emerging trends throughout the international truck market.

IAL National Sales Manager, Les Spaltman, said attending the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show was an illuminating experience.

“IAL has visited the Tokyo Motor Show a number of times now, and it’s clearly one of the standout motoring events around the globe,” Mr Spaltman said.

“This year’s future-focussed theme made it particularly impactful. A core reason for Isuzu’s 28 consecutive years of market leadership within Australia has been our ability to integrate cutting-edge technologies into our product offering, and the Tokyo Motor Show has provided ample food for thought in that regard.”

More accustomed to exhibiting at transport shows than attending them, Mr Spaltman said the Tokyo Motor Show represented an excellent chance for IAL to gauge current motoring trends and look at what their Japanese counterparts had on offer. And those offerings were significant.

The Isuzu Motors Limited (Japan) display at the show included the Design Concept FD-SI truck – noted for its honeycomb design, inspired by the ‘swarm intelligence’ observed in insects, and designed to maximise cargo space and improve efficiencies related to pickups and deliveries.

IAL Director, Sales and Marketing, Andrew Harbison, said the Design Concept FD-SI was also an example of pervasive presence of electric vehicles (EV) at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

“At the show we were able to see various visions of how EV technology can improve the efficiency and productivity of heavy vehicles,” Mr Harbison said.

“It was great to be able to see the tangible ways how EV concepts, and the growing tide of sophisticated vehicle interconnectivity systems, will assist businesses to run highly efficient and productive heavy vehicles.

“As well as gaining some compelling insights into EV technology and advances in telematics and big data management, the attending Isuzu dealers also gained a deeper understanding about the broader context of the future of heavy vehicles and how tomorrow’s truck will better serve industry applications.”

Mr Spaltman concluded that IAL’s presence at the Tokyo Motor Show had been an enlightening experience.

“As we head into 2018, Isuzu dealers are looking forward to engaging with their customers about how some of these manufacturing industry trends can help them improve their business processes and productivity,” Mr Spaltman said.