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Healthy Engines: Isuzu rolls out CK4-rated Next Gen Plus Engine Oil

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) is pleased to announce the rollout of a new formula of the Next Gen Plus 10W-40 engine oil.

IAL National Parts Manager, John Plunkett, said the latest formula has been carefully crafted to offer the market an all-new product, developed specifically for modern Isuzu and commercial truck engines.

“The evolution of our Next Gen Plus engine lubricant brings it in line with the latest CK-4 American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications, an important advancement on the previous API CJ-4 rated oil released in 2007,” he said.

“Our all-new product provides excellent functionality, increased performance and an improvement in overall engine health for commercial vehicles.”

Key benefits of Isuzu’s new 10W-40 engine oil include:

  • Improved shear stability
  • Improved soot control
  • Improved oxidation resistance

The CK-4 rated lubricant exercises low volatility whilst in operation, reducing viscosity breakdown and oil consumption under high temperature operating conditions—translating to fuel savings.

Increased soot control reduces piston deposits, resulting in better engine reliability and decreased wear and tear over the course of ownership.

An improved oxidation resistance means less sludging and oil degradation, helping to protect against ring sticking. Lower ash, sulphur and phosphorous levels also help to protect critical systems, including Isuzu trucks fitted with Diesel Particulate Diffuser (DPD) regeneration technology.

Mr Plunkett said the formula, now rated as an ACEA E6 oil, has wider OEM specification appeal across more brands, making the Next Gen Plus lubricant a staple for any workshop.

“While maintaining all the benefits of our previous ACEA E9 oil, our new formula provides even greater appeal with increased usability across brands.

“In addition, this advancement has allowed for excellent corrosion protection, good oil pumpability and anti-wear properties, improving engine life expectancy and overall function…  which all fleet operators and truck owners will be interested to hear.”

Isuzu’s Next Gen Plus 10W-40 engine lubricant is available for order in 5 litre, 20 litre, 205 litre and 1,000 litre quantities and meets the following OEM recommendations:

·       SAE GRADE 10W-40 ·            VOLVO VDS – 4.5
·       API CK-4/SN ·            MTU TYPE 3.1
·       ACEA E6/E9 ·            DEUTZ DQV IV-10LA
·       CUMMINS CES 20081 ·            DETROIT DIESEL DDC 93K218
·       CAT ECF-3 ·            MACK EO-OPP
·       MAN M3477/M3271-1 ·            RENAULT TRUCKS RLD-3
·       MB 228.5