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Those looking for a work vehicle ready to tackle off-road situations will find a handful of options to choose from in the light-duty truck market. But when it comes to options that balance power with payload, the going gets tougher.

Underpinned by Isuzu’s ever-reliable N Series cab chassis platform, Isuzu Trucks has an expanded and updated range of light-duty trucks suitable for the daily grind and off-road adventures, encompassing both rugged 4×4 and versatile All-Wheel Drive (AWD) options.

These trucks are tailored specifically for Australian environments, making them the first choice for key industries requiring a vehicle that can handle the roughest of terrain, while delivering on the promise of legendary reliability.

Light-duty 4×4 cab chassis

Spearheading Isuzu’s rugged, light-duty 4×4 range is the NPS 75/45-155 4×4 cab chassis. Available in single and crew cab variants, the NPS 75/45-155 is the only light-duty 4×4 truck option on the Australian market that offers total operator ease with a choice of 5-speed synchromesh manual transmission or Isuzu’s celebrated two-pedal, automated manual transmission (AMT).

Available at 7,500 kg GVM for the heavy lifting, the NPS 4×4 can also be ordered with a car licence rating 4,500 kg GVM, opening the field for more drivers to get behind the wheel, especially when mated with AMT.

Acknowledging that top-notch performance means engineering from the ground-up, the NPS 4×4 is fitted with Bridgestone L330 225/80R17.5 tyres, giving improved results on sand, mud and other low-traction environments. The Bridgestone L330 set also provides an additional 200 kg weight advantage on the steer axle.

It’s this commitment to detail that makes the NPS 4×4 a winning package, and the truck of choice for a range of applications—including emergency services and fire brigades— across this great country.

Light-duty AWD cab chassis

The perfect all-rounder when it comes to on-and off-road driving, the NLS 45-150 AWD is the unsung hero of Isuzu’s light-duty off road line up. The NLS AWD features an on-demand, part-time all-wheel drive system, making it an ideal vehicle for operators moving between bitumen and off-road terrain such as rural paddocks and limited access tracks or fire trails.

A resilient combination of independent front torsion bar suspension and hydraulic shock absorbers reduces stress on the vehicle (and driver), while ensuring a smooth, predictable ride.

Catering to the needs of busy fleet managers and business owners, the NLS also features a GVM of 4,500 kg, opening up accessibility for a range of driver skills sets on a standard car licence, and is available in single and crew cab options.

With the N Series cab chassis platform allowing for seamless integration with a range of pre-bodied options (including tippers, trays and service bodies), the NLS AWD is popular with nurseries, material depots and other trade applications looking for a highly capable all-wheel drive truck.

This fit-for-purpose versatility is also a boon for civil and council operations—providing a flexible platform for a quick-response service vehicle to tend capital equipment breakdowns and maintenance access in hard-to-reach environments.

A direct response to tricky Australian roads and conditions, the NLS AWD produces 110 kW of power at 2,800 rpm and 375 Nm of torque at 1,600 – 2,800 rpm, supplying power to front and rear axles to control traction on slippery gravel or even icy roads.

Freedom of choice

Isuzu’s off-road range is built on the idea of freedom and reliability; providing freedom of choice to operators in the form of a no-fuss road transport solution with greater payload, regardless of the environment it finds itself in.

In both 4×4 and AWD options, Isuzu’s N Series cab chassis line-up answers the call for a light-duty truck capable of handling a broad range of applications and operating conditions. Offering significant payload advantages on comparable utility vehicles—without giving up that car-like maneuverability—the NPS 75/45-155 4×4 and NLS 45-150 AWD present a versatile, no-nonsense package for prospective buyers.

Isuzu Australia Limited National Sales Manager, Les Spaltman, commented further.

“Those in the market for a highly capable, go-anywhere work vehicle should seriously consider the additional load and safety advantages of a truck over conventional, more limited off-road options.

“Isuzu’s 4×4 and off-road range have become valuable tools for businesses all over Australia, whether they be commercial, volunteer, agricultural or put to work in a recreational activity.

“Like all Isuzu trucks, the NPS and NLS cab chassis have been designed to operate in Australia’s unforgiving environment, and the off-road range maintains our strong legacy for engineering fit-for-purpose solutions—regardless of what application you’re in.”