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We’ve all seen the increased incidence of extreme weather events around the world and Australia is no stranger to the powerful forces that can wreak havoc on urban and regional centres alike.

Highly capable emergency response services play a key role in the safety of communities, and in Queensland, one such organisation is Gasworks.

Wayne Braden is the founder and national CEO of Gasworks, a gas-installation company that proudly provides expert emergency assistance for gas pipelines across Queensland, working from its head office in the Brisbane / Gold Coast area of Yatala and offering its services all over Australia.

Most recently, Gasworks’ highly trained response team were crucial during Cyclone Debbie and the subsequent flooding across the eastern coast.

Gasworks’ strong community focus and quality workmanship have made them a state icon, and Wayne’s personal dedication to his customers is apparent when he talks about his company.

“I founded Gasworks 20 years ago because I love the industry and I care about what it stands for,” Wayne said. “The gas industry is great to work in if you love helping people.

“We currently employ over 30 staff, and have jobs all over the country, providing gas technicians for domestic hot water installations, commercial and industrial installations, natural gas and LPG care as well as safety training.

“But the fastest growing part of the business is our Emergency Response Team.”

The star of this response team’s fleet is an Isuzu NLR 45-150 Servicepack.

Gasworks had the Servicepack specifically fitted out by Brisbane Isuzu with a vast array of emergency lighting to complement the practical Servicepack body – allowing Gasworks to provide a literal beacon of light within the storms faced across Queensland.

“The Servicepack’s our main emergency response vehicle, which we use to fix gas leaks and pipeline faults due to flooding or storm damage.” Wayne said.

“It’s reliable, can hold all our gear and it’s equipped with a wide range of flashing lights.

“The truck handled the cyclone weather amazingly – I recently drove it to a shopping centre to respond to a gas leak and the owner said, ‘I know you’re here but I can’t see you.’

“As soon as I turned the lights on he could see me 300 metres away.

“The Isuzu dealership did everything for us, they put light bars on the top, down the sides and on the back, which illuminate a huge area around the vehicle and are what people look for in an emergency.”

The Servicepack’s rated at 4,500 kg GVM, and with plenty power and torque (110 kW @ 2,800 rpm and 375 Nm @ 1,600 rpm) it’s got the grunt to handle the dicey conditions in extreme weather events. And with a factory-built body covered by Isuzu warranty, the entire truck is built to withstand the harshest conditions.

“We’ve had the Servicepack for less than eight months, but it’s already been to every state except Western Australia.” Wayne said.

“We use it to provide emergency response capabilities to large commercial sites. Should something go wrong, the Servicepack’s ready to respond.

“We bought our first Isuzu about 15 years ago. We’ve had a few over the years and they’ve all been great. It’s travelled huge distances and has been tremendously reliable.”

“The Isuzus are amazing compared to the other brands I’ve owned, they always handle the payload and perform really well.”

The Servicepack’s the ultimate workhorse for businesses seeking the flexibility Isuzu’s Ready to Work range offers. The NLR Servicepack features a 2.08 m x 1.0 m (L x W) central storage area with checkerplate floor and six tie-down points, 2,500 kg rated towbar with integrated rear step and an Isuzu reversing camera.

It has the capacity of a fully powder coated steel service body with seven centrally-lockable, individually lit storage compartments and the practicality of a truck with a short wheelbase, while being driveable on a standard car licence.

“Isuzu’s reliability is fantastic,” Wayne said. “We’ve had the Servicepack serviced by Isuzu all around Australia and we’ve never had a problem.

“The first week we had it, we drove it through central Queensland to Darwin, then down to Adelaide via Alice Springs, then to Victoria before driving back to Queensland through New South Wales.

“The Servicepack did it all without a hitch – our driver said he enjoyed it and it was comfortable for a long trip.”

The rough Australian landscape requires capability and durability in equal measure, which is why the Servicepack is the natural choice for businesses requiring a vehicle that’s tougher than a utility and has a greater payload.

“We used to use utes, but the business outgrew them,” Wayne said. “We needed the payload the Isuzus offered, and all the toolboxes were made up and ready to go, so the truck perfectly suited our business.

“Isuzu has offered us incredible support while we’ve been driving around the country and I’ve been really impressed with their customer service team.

“When we get in, we always know it’s going to work. It’s going to meet the challenges we throw at it and it will keep our drivers – and the public – as safe as possible.”

Isuzu’s Ready to Work truck models are specified and conveniently pre-bodied to cater to key trade, transport and materials handling applications.

All models feature Isuzu factory backed bodies with tray, van, service-body and tipper applications covered.

Isuzu Ready to Work models can be driven straight from the dealer showroom to the worksite (once registered and insured), and with no time required for body build.

With models ranging from the 4,500 GVM Traypack, Tradepack and Tipper through to the FRR 107-210 Tipper, Isuzu Ready to Work trucks offer turn-key solutions for vital trade and transport applications.