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DC Constructions: Building A Reputation

From being a co-owner of a company that specialises in factory-built, transportable homes to owning his own DC Constructions, Daniel Cameron knows a thing or two about construction.

Daniel established DC Constructions in 2014, servicing Townsville and the surrounding areas in Queensland. The business includes rural work and does anything from extensions to maintenance, for either commercial or residential properties.

With a decision to invest further in DC Constructions, Daniel decided to upgrade his transport fleet with a new Isuzu truck.

He had started off the company with a ute, but realised he needed something more.

Daniel said, “I had a few mates who upgraded to trucks from utes over the years and they all said, ‘Mate, you should do it.’

“So finally, I saw the light and bought a truck.

“Best thing I’ve ever done really, to be honest… I wish I had done it about 10 years ago.”

Daniel headed to Tony Ireland Isuzu and picked up a shiny new Ready-to-Work NPR 55-155 Tradepack, all ready to go.

He got his new truck to Tru-Fit Sheetmetal, who fitted out the NPR Tradepack with custom-made aluminium toolboxes that sit in the front half of the tray. The toolboxes open up to shelves and drawers filled with all kinds of tools and materials, as well as a fridge and a microwave—all powered by a 12-volt solar panel.

“The solar panel is mainly for out of town work, but it’s handy for the everyday grind. It also charges the batteries for all the tools,” Daniel said.

The back half of the tray is left empty to store gear and materials for jobs. In this aspect, the truck offers an advantage over a ute.

“With a truck, I’ve got the space and the ability to carry stock and materials and gear, rather than having to drop the trailer off and go pick up the gear like I had to do with the ute,” Daniel elaborates.

With a gross vehicle mass of 5,500 kg; a gross combination mass of 9,000 kg; a power of 114 kW @ 2,600 rpm; and a torque of 419 Nm @ 1,600–2,600 rpm, the NPR 55-155 Tradepack also boasts more power than his old ute. His ute couldn’t tow their 3.5-tonne excavator; the NPR tows the little excavator with ease.

On top of all that space, capacity and power, Daniel said the Isuzu truck is also easier to move and drive than a ute towing a trailer.

“The truck is a bit shorter in length than a ute with trailer; the turning circle of the truck is amazing.

“I was pleasantly surprised by that when I first picked the truck up, because it’s pretty much as easy as driving a ute.

“I’ve found that with my Isuzu NPR, I can actually park it in a normal car park—as long as I’ve got a bit of room to hang the front of the truck over the kerb. This is much easier than struggling to park a ute and a trailer in two lots,” Daniel explained.

The car-like feel and the compactness of the Isuzu N Series trucks means that they can go places many other trucks can’t, for example, onto tight-access work sites.

Daniel said, “If we’re doing construction on a new home, we can reverse straight up to the garage. You’ve then got all your gear at the doorstep.”

Being a hands-on business owner means the truck often doubles as an office space for Daniel. Racking up around 600 kilometres a week, Daniel drives around quoting jobs, as well as helping out his workers on sites and doing paperwork.

“I don’t hop in another vehicle; I just stay in my truck and drive around town in the truck and quote jobs whenever I need to do that. Some days, I spend all day driving around quoting.

“The truck turns into my office. The seat in the middle folds down and has a tray that I seat my diary and paperwork on.

“In the ute, that paperwork used to sit in the passenger seat, which I had to try and move every time anyone hopped in the car,” Daniel said.

And in addition to that, other features in the truck cab makes life easier for Daniel.

“My phone also rings non-stop all day, so just being able to hit that answer button on the dash and just start talking while I’m driving is pretty much the best thing ever.”

When asked about what made Daniel choose Isuzu Trucks over other brands, his answer was simple.

“Isuzu’s reputation for reliability sold it. I’ve always been a fan of Isuzu, and that was what sold it over other brands with similar smaller trucks.

“Reliability is pretty much the most important thing ever.”