Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) acknowledges the ongoing development of the COVID-19 situation and advice from the Australian government and health authorities regarding safe work practices and social distancing.

Considering this advice, IAL has decided to implement a remote work policy to assist in efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19.

All business operations including sales, service, parts and business support services will continue to be available across IAL and the dealer network.

Isuzu Australia Limited locations

All IAL locations are now operating predominantly on a remote basis, with offices staffed only by essential department representatives with strict social distancing procedures in place.

“Providing our customers and partners with uninterrupted business support is a top priority and we are determined to work with all parties to ensure continued assistance,” Mr Harbison said.

“On-site staff numbers are carefully managed, and the health and safety of our employees is the guiding principle for all human resourcing decisions.

“We also have well-established sanitary safeguards for employee hygiene at our corporate office locations. These are regularly reviewed and communicated to all staff.

“We understand that certainty of business operations is critical to our customers and suppliers, and we will provide the required access and support,” Mr Harbison reinforced.

“All our staff remain available and we have the facilities in place to manage meetings and other contact either online or phone.”

Supply chain management

Mr Harbison noted that anticipated pressures on supply chains continued to be regularly reviewed.

“We are working work closely with Isuzu Motors Limited (Japan) and other suppliers to manage business continuity,” he said.

“Current stock levels of trucks, parts and engines remain adequate to support operators and customers.

“We are liaising with our partners, the Isuzu Dealer Network regarding ongoing access to sales, service and support.”

The latest IAL COVID-19 statement can be found here.

“We will provide ongoing updates and will keep our customers and suppliers fully informed of the latest status and any impacts,” he said.


“We understand the need for our customers and suppliers to maintain business and communication channels with IAL and our plans place a high priority on providing effective contact and support resources,” Mr Harbison said.

Employee wellbeing

“IAL is committed to its role as a leading Australian commercial equipment supplier and employer of choice,” said Mr Harbison.

“The health and safety of our workers, customers, suppliers and partners is our first priority and we are committed to supporting the well-being of all people and business associated with our brand,” he concluded.

Further information from the Australian government regarding COVID-19 can be found here:

For further information from Isuzu Australia Limited, please call our customer care centre:

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