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With change, challenge, opportunity and innovation major themes, Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) last week hosted over 140 delegates from across the country’s leading commercial vehicle dealer network in Sydney for their annual National Dealer Meeting.

With no less than 22 business department presentations, 8 video packages and a key guest speaker to take in, Isuzu Trucks’ Dealer Principals left the meeting with a razor-sharp view of the number one truck brand’s strategies for 2020 and beyond.

In his address, IAL Director and Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Harbison, unpacked the scale and rate of change as it affects the broader transport sector, both locally and internationally.

IAL Director and Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Harbison, addresses the room

With the focus on the shifting intersection between customers, OEMs and a rapidly morphing value chain, Mr Harbison shone a light on some of the key trends and challenges likely to play a pivotal role in the transformation of the traditional dealer—customer synergy.

Isuzu’s dealer gathering comes just days after the brand announced the coming together of its new Innovation department, led by Head of Innovation, Grant Cooper.

Mr Cooper walked the delegation through Isuzu’s plans to tackle the change besetting their industry, foreshadowing an evolution towards a more serviced-based transaction model.

Newly appointed Head of Innovation, Grant Cooper, unpacked IAL’s Innovation strategy

Data-led insights and the broader theme of connectivity dominated his presentation, along with a forensic and revealing look at the varying approaches to technological development throughout the global truck parc.

Recent strategic alliances between Isuzu Motors Limited (Japan) and the likes of Volvo Group, Honda and Cummins sparked plenty of discussion in the room. This news was cause for celebration for Mr Cooper, who expressed his supreme confidence in the arrangements and the positive outcomes they’re poised to deliver for Isuzu customers in Australia.

On the business side of things, respected Finance Editor and media broadcaster, Ross Greenwood, was a special guest in Sydney and spoke of the importance of curating trust, dependability and shared information between dealer and customer.

Ross Greenwood’s take on the current state of the economy and the transport sector was well received

Mr Greenwood made the observation that Isuzu Trucks dealers are not simply selling a piece of capital equipment, they’re trusted purveyors of business efficiencies and solutions.

This was a point not lost on the delegation and was one of many insights reflected in some exciting new research conducted by IAL and presented by its Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, John Walker.

John Walker, IAL Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, gave delegates a sneek peek at new industry research commissioned by IAL

The research, conducted recently, is the largest of its kind ever undertaken in the truck and transport sector, making for some revealing insights into the needs, wants, desires and challenges faced by Australian truck owners and users.

Isuzu’s National Dealer Meeting event is held annually and provides the unique opportunity for IAL to part with critical information and strategy, whilst affording the nation’s Isuzu Trucks dealers an opportunity to collaborate, connect and share ideas.