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While most children have a hard time deciding what they want to be when they grow up, Dylan Smith has always known he was meant to be a builder.

From building glossy decks to replacing damaged roofing, Dylan has always loved the craft of building and refurbishing. After high school, he enrolled in an apprenticeship in carpentry and have never looked back since.

In 2017, Dylan decided it was time to start his own gig.

Dylan shared, “I worked for other people and wondered, why don’t I work for myself?”

So after having worked in the industry for ten years, which gave Dylan time to develop his trade and sharpen his skills, he set up D&G Building Group. At that point, he knew he was going to need a truck to do all he planned to do.

Dylan was no stranger to the Isuzu Trucks brand—heralded amongst other builders—especially having worked in the building industry for a solid decade. According to Dylan’s industry peers, Isuzu is a brand that goes hand in hand with reliability and affordability—exactly what he needed.

Dylan approached Gilbert & Roach Huntingwood and decided on a snazzy new Isuzu NLR 45-150. Since then Dylan and his NLR, affectionately termed ‘little truck’, are rarely apart.

Dylan offers building services across Sydney and drives his Isuzu NLR everywhere to get to job sites, averaging two hours on the road each day.

“The NLR handles really well and is easy to drive. If I’m driving in the city, it is narrow and short enough that I can easily find a park,” Dylan said.

“It’s a practical size for driving in tight city lanes… It just feels like I’m driving a really big car.

“The cab is pretty comfortable, but my favourite feature has to be the satnav,” Dylan shared with a laugh.

Featuring a gross vehicle mass of 4,500 kg, a gross combination mass of 8,000 kg, 110 kW @ 2,800 rpm and 375 Nm @ 1,600 rpm–2,800 rpm, the NLR 45-150 definitely has more than enough power to transport the necessary materials Dylan needs to get the job done.

From the removal of waste through to carting bricks for building alfresco outdoor kitchens, granny flats and beautiful curved wine cellar ceilings, the NLR has been Dylan’s sturdy and steadfast companion.

“My Isuzu truck also carries everything I need, from towing excavators and bobcats to carrying all my tools and building materials such as timber, decking, eave sheets—everything I need, I chuck it into my truck,” Dylan said.

Having brought the truck in for its 1.5-year service, Dylan thought the entire process was quick and painless.

“Downtime hasn’t been an issue for me with my Isuzu truck, and the servicing process has been great.

“The guys who do the service were efficient and thorough.

“So far, my whole experience with Isuzu from sales to service has been very positive.

“The little truck also serves as mobile advertisement for D&G Building Group with its blue and white livery on the sides,” Dylan added.

Dylan may be a man of few words, but there’s not much he’ll say no to when it comes to building quality projects.

“Building decks, pergolas, frames, fix-ups through to renovation work… I make it happen.

“I treat every job like it’s my own and make sure I deliver quality on every single job.”

And what better than to have his little truck there supporting him every step of the way.