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With Spring finally upon us and the nation’s confidence starting to lift following a unsettling 2020, Isuzu Trucks is pleased to announce the return of its Takeaway Truck campaign, with excellent deals to be had on a range of Isuzu Ready-to-Work (RTW) models.

Covering Isuzu Traypack, Tradepack, Vanpack, Servicepack, Freightpack and Tipper RTW models, just about every application is catered to, meaning capable payloads, better driver access and improved productivity.

Running from October 1 through to December 31, the standout deal of this refreshed program applies to the versatile NLR 45-150 Traypack, priced at just $46,690 driveaway*.

It’s tray day

For those serious about boosting productivity and taking the step up to a genuine work truck, a clear and compelling alternative to the many utility vehicles currently on the market is Isuzu’s NLR 45-150 SWB AMT RTW Traypack. Able to be operated on a standard car licence at 4,500 kg GVM, the NLR Traypack offers legitimate operational flexibility and broad driver access.

The NLR Traypack is built tough with a premium, heavy-duty aluminium tray, a reinforced headboard with rear window protector and handy integrated load anchor restraint points.

Isuzu’s highly regarded 4JJ1-TCS four-cylinder, 16-valve diesel engine provides the power, producing 110 kW (148 HP) @ 2,800 RPM, perfect for a full load in the tray or towing duties.

Fuel economy, driver comfort and overall productivity is also enhanced too with the versatility of Isuzu’s fully automated manual transmission with torque converter (TC-AMT). Able to be driven on an automatic licence and calibrated to supply additional power from a standing start, the TC-AMT provides a predictable and smooth driving experience whilst broadening driver access even further.

Jobsite and around town manoeuvrability are well catered to in the short wheelbase model, with a turning circle of only 8.7m (standard ute =12m), while the overall length of just over 5m means that the Traypack can be parked in a standard driveway when the day’s work is done.

Making hay

Isuzu Australia Limited National Sales Manager, Les Spaltman, said the return of Isuzu’s Takeaway Truck campaign meant real savings for Australian trade and freight operators.

“The timing of this campaign is significant. With the federal government’s stimulus package measures still in play until 2021, eligible buyers have a unique opportunity to save thousands on a purchase they may have already planned to make.

“With six variants from our Ready-to-Work range in the mix here, we’re confident there’s a turn-key solution, ready to go, for just about every application or vocation imaginable,” he said.

“We’ve listened to our customer base; we know Aussie business owners want trusted solutions fast. We’re delivering on that feedback with this campaign.”

Be it landscaping, plumbing, field service work or straightforward general freight transport, Isuzu’s pioneering RTW range been constantly improved since its official launch in 2003. Now with 17 years of refinement and backed by 31 years of consecutive market leadership, the choice is simple.

“The sun is out again, there’s positivity in the air once more, and we’re here to help push that sentiment along. Check out some of our amazing video walk arounds, get along to your nearest Isuzu Trucks dealership, and strike while the iron’s hot,” Mr Spaltman ended.

* Featured drive away price $46,690 includes GST, 12 months registration, government, statutory charges and dealer delivery costs and is only offered on NLR 45-150 SWB AMT Traypack.