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Appeal Broadens For Landmark Isuzu Range

As the Australian truck market leader for over three decades, one of the keys to Isuzu’s success is its extensive product range, covering a plethora of applications.

Offering an industry leading line-up of light-and medium-duty trucks as staple for the country’s freight, trade and construction industries, Isuzu Trucks’ range of solutions for demanding, heavy-duty applications is equally impressive.

For operators with an eye on productivity and cost efficiencies, Isuzu’s range of twin-steer FY Series trucks, (sitting within a 30-35,000 kg GVM band), is an excellent case in point.

Constant improvement

IAL’s National Sales Manager, Les Spaltman, commented on the broad operational appeal of the FY Series platform, which has gone from strength to strength since its debut onto the Australian market back in 2013.

“Durability and quality are the ultimate outcome for heavy-duty applications.

“From agitating cement to compacting garbage, truck customers need a product that is suited to a wide range of tasks and will stand the test of time.

“Our FY range has been designed with this in mind and they’re thoughtfully specified with only the best in componentry and technology available.

“We’re very pleased to have made significant ground with extensions on prior improvements to the FY platform, despite a challenging 2020,” Mr Spaltman said.

Red-hot performance

FY model variants include 8×4 and 10×4 options, a choice of three different transmissions, airbag or steel spring suspension and multiple wheelbase configurations.

This adaptive platform finds a home in varied applications such as agitator work, water and liquids transportation, waste and refuse applications, mining and line haulage.

Isuzu’s FYH and FYJ models are built for endurance, engineered with the best of American driveline componentry, including Meritor, Hendrickson and Allison.

Indeed, all FYH and FYJ Auto models feature Allison 4430 transmission, where 3200 transmission is the industry norm.

Revised axle ratio

Responding to demand from the experienced Isuzu dealer network and customer feedback, all FY Auto models have been updated with a revised axle ratio of 5.286:1, improving stability in tricky conditions and assisting overall performance.

Fine-tuning the heart behind the horsepower, IAL Chief Engineer, Product Strategy, Simon Humphries said the FY Auto models’ overall gearing and on-road performance at cruising speeds is now comparable with manual transmission options.

“It’s now sitting at almost the same as a manual transmission model at 1,830 rpm @ 100 km per hour—up from 1,690 rpm @ 100 km per hour with the previous axle ratio—with minimal impact on fuel economy,” said Mr Humphries.

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