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A Truck For Every Task: Freightpack Responds To Need

The changing nature and sheer scale of the Australian freight task is daunting to say the least.
Commonwealth Government data shows that between 2011 and 2031, total domestic land freight task is set to grow by a staggering 80 per cent.

There are multiple factors driving this, namely the nation’s unrelenting population expansion, changes in technology, consumer behaviour and the ever-changing landscape of e-commerce—to name a few.

This of course equates to economic productivity and prosperity, but these by-products are only possible if we collectively continue to evolve, develop and support our national supply chain infrastructure and the logistics and supply chain systems that underpin it.

Whilst there’s strategic planning afoot to address these and other issues at a government level, Isuzu Trucks is contributing in other, more practical ways.

Being a trusted supplier of capital equipment, Isuzu Trucks has examined the broader landscape and now offers the country’s most cost-effective and efficient road freight transport solution.

The new Freightpack line-up

Complementing and building on the popularity of the light-duty N Series Vanpack ethos, the brand-new Ready-to-Work Freightpack range was officially previewed at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show.

FRR 110-240 Freightpack previewed at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show


It represents another chapter in Isuzu’s Ready-to-Work story, trading off the longstanding domination of the F Series within the hotly contested medium-duty truck market segment.

Again, responding to customer demand and the prevailing requirements of the Australian freight task, the F Series Freightpack line-up delivers more transport solutions, more options for Australian freight operators and greater economic efficiencies for those with road transport as their main game.

Ready-to-Work Freightpack models are initially available across the following F Series platforms with customised, factory-backed freight body configurations including…

  • FRR 110-240 AMT LWB IESC FREIGHTPACK (10-Pallet body), featuring Isuzu Electronic Stability Control
  • FRR 110-260 AUTO LWB FREIGHTPACK (10-Pallet body)
  • FSR 140-240 AMT LWB FREIGHTPACK (12-Pallet body)
  • FSR 140-260 AUTO LWB FREIGHTPACK (12-Pallet body)
  • FVL 240-300 AUTO LWB FREIGHTPACK (14-Pallet body)


Additional common features:

  • Lightning quick-release latches on all curtain siders (saves approx. 90 seconds per load, equating to 15 minutes per day)
  • LED interior strip lighting and step halo lights
  • Single pallet width load restraining interlocking gates (common to all FREIGHTPACK)
  • Reversing camera and internal body camera, both integrated with Isuzu in-cab AV Unit screen
  • Isuzu ‘safety yellow’ grab handles and steps
  • 3-year truck and body warranty for all Ready-to-Work models
  • Satellite navigation standard on all new F Series



According to National Sales Manager, Les Spaltman, the Freightpack range has been carefully honed to meet target market expectations.

“We’ve applied our successful Ready-to-Work strategy to the lighter end of the general freight market and now we’re targeting the medium and heavy-duty rigid markets with these tightly specced and highly practical F Series Freightpack models,” Mr Spaltman said.

“We’ve specified key GVM, engine and transmission configurations, providing flexible freight workhorses for a variety of operations.

“The trucks are fitted with a range of time-saving and convenience enhancing features and like all our Ready-to-Work models, all can be put straight to work direct from your Isuzu dealer,” he said.

Isuzu’s Ready-to-Work truck models are specified and conveniently pre-bodied to cater to key trade, transport and materials handling applications.
All models feature Isuzu factory-backed bodies with tray, van, service-body and tipper applications covered.
Isuzu Ready-to-Work models can be driven straight from the dealer showroom to the worksite (once registered and insured), and with no additional time required for body build.
With models ranging from the 4,500 kg GVM Traypack, Tradepack and Tipper through to the 24,000 kg GVM FVL Freightpack, Isuzu Ready-to-Work trucks offer ‘turn-key’ solutions for vital trade and transport applications.