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From waste and refuse to cold-chain logistics, Australia’s medium-duty truck market – two axle vehicles with a GVM greater than  8,000 kg and a  GCM less than or equal to 39,000 kg – serves a never-ending list of diverse applications.

This remains one of the automotive industry’s most hotly contested market segments.

Of a total of 32,003 heavy commercial vehicles (with GVM above 3,500 kg) registered in 2015 in Australia, 6,725 were medium-duty trucks, reflecting a small volume increase on the total number of trucks sold in 2014.

The medium-duty market made up 21.5 per cent of total commercial vehicles sales for the year, with the light and heavy truck markets representing just under 31 per cent each, and vans making up the remaining 17 per cent.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ most recent Motor Vehicle Census, there has been a modest rise in registrations of medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks on Australian roads over the longer term; five per cent since 2010.

Adding value

“These sorts of figures point to conservative movement across the medium-duty market in recent times,” said Isuzu Australia Limited’s National Sales Manager, Andrew Harbison.

“In analysing these trends over a five-year period, there’s no hiding from the fact trucks in this weight range from all manufacturers are well specified and built to last.

“To continue being competitive, transport operators must ensure that their equipment offers the day-to-day performance they are looking for in a reliable and cost-effective package and adds value to their operation through greater efficiency and application flexibility.

“In the case of the new 2016 Isuzu F Series range, that can be found by way of greater overall choice and more specific model applicability,” he said.

Challenge accepted

Meeting this challenge head-on, Isuzu’s new four-cylinder and six-cylinder turbocharged F Series engine options have been thoughtfully paired with a range of transmission choices and new fuel-saving technology.

“Isuzu has a sound record when it comes to reading the Australian truck market,” Mr Harbison said.

“Indeed, in these times of start-ups and ‘disruption’, it’s an amazing feat for any business to remain on top of an ultra-competitive market for 27 consecutive years, as Isuzu has.

“It’s our ability to intuitively and consistently get to the core of Australian business requirements which continues to set us apart from the competition.”

Crafting an incentive

With the average age of a truck approximately 14 years, the Australian truck parc continues to age – to the detriment of the environment and road users alike.

Persuading Australian businesses to update capital equipment has always been a challenge, and with truck technology turning over very slowly, motivation for change can be tough to muster.

“The breadth of practical change within Isuzu’s new medium-duty offering builds a solid case for an update, or for first-time truck buyers to slip into the Isuzu ecosystem at what is a high watermark moment for product development and innovation,” Mr Harbison said.

“When you close the loop with Isuzu’s complete aftersales approach, therein lies a watertight Australian transport solution, irrespective of your vocation.”

Medium-duty: Key facts and figures

Volume/ Segment trends

  • 6,120 medium-duty sales in 2000 represented a 28.1 per cent share of total market.
  • 6,725 medium-duty sales in 2015 represented 21.5 per cent share of total market.

Medium-duty origins

  • Japanese manufacturers dominate medium-duty market with a combined 95.1 per cent share in 2015, 94.3 per cent in 2014 and 92.7 per cent in 2013.
  • Nearest competitor brands hail from Europe with only 4.7 per cent share of the market in 2015, 5.2 per cent in 2014 and 6.9 per cent in 2013.
  • Entrants from China and the US accounted for less than 0.5 per cent of the segment in 2015.

Typical medium-duty applications

  • Waste and refuse
  • Emergency services
  • Airport services
  • Drilling
  • Mine & quarry services
  • Military
  • Council service (dual control, sweepers)
  • Cold-chain
  • Liquid tanker transport
  • Curtain-side general freight and distribution applications
  • Towing/ tray floating
  • Tipper work
  • 4×4 off-highway applications

Operating range

  • Australia-wide


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