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Building worksites aren’t exactly known for being neat and tidy. At the end of a working day, when the clamouring voices and growling machinery have fallen quiet, it’s easy to imagine that when the builders leave, evidence of their industriousness lies strewn across the site.

SPG Site Services Director Jarron Tewes knows all too well that when the dust settles, the remnants can be pretty plain to see, with topsoil, concrete, mortar, paint and of course, mud everywhere.

This is where SPG Site Services becomes essential – they clean up the mess and make it habitable again for the next workday.

“It all started in January 2016,” Jarron said. “My brother-in-law – who’s the CEO of an already established homebuilders’ group in WA – approached me with the idea of implementing an in-house site services operation.

“I was working a fly in, fly out job as a mechanical fitter/supervisor at the time, so I saw it as a real opportunity to come home and start something new and exciting.

“And of course, make some money,” he laughed.

Jarron says his brother-in-law offered him a great opportunity, so only a little more than a year down the track, he’s already focused on expansion.

“In the last 18 months we’ve been mainly site cleaning, but now we’re moving into earthworks which is where the big dollars are,” Jarron said.

“We don’t really have any competitors because we’re part of a large group, but that means we’re very broad minded and we work well as a team with builders and supervisors.

“My aim for SPG is to provide earthworks and site cleans for the entire Perth metro area.”

With earth moving plans in mind, Jarron said there’s only one truck that could provide the grunt, while offering “brilliant” value for money.

“I’ve just ordered my second Isuzu Giga CXZ 415 with a tipper body,” Jarron said. “If everything goes well down the track, we’ll buy a couple of N Series as well.”

The Giga CXZ 415 6×4 has a GCM rated at 54,000 kg, and its SITEC Series III 415 engine produces 309 kW @ 1,800 rpm and 1,863 Nm @ 1,300 rpm, making it well-suited to a range of tipper and hauling applications.

“The Isuzus are known for their reliability,” Jarron said. “I chose the Giga because it has a bigger engine than many of its competitors and its one of the most tried and tested trucks on the market.

“Unlike its Japanese competitors it doesn’t require AdBlue, and it’s priced better than all its major rivals.

“The engine brakes are fantastic as well, they’re a lot stronger because of the bigger cubic capacity of the engine.

“I haven’t got any issues with the Gigas. They’re comfortable, easy to drive and very quiet.”

The Giga CXZ comes with a smooth-shifting 12-speed Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) with automatic and manual operation modes, providing a sophisticated and intuitive drive that makes hauling huge loads a breeze.

“I chose the AMT 12-speed transmission because it’s very easy to operate,” Jarron said.

“It’s so important when we’re travelling 40,000 km a year around a built-up area, loaded with building materials and soil.

“Anyone could drive it. You just put it into gear and it goes.”

With safety Isuzu’s top priority, the Giga has Anti-lock Braking (ABS), a driver airbag, cross and inter-axle locks, an ECE-R29 compliant cab and an ECE-R29 compliant Front Underrun Protection Device (FUPD).

Not forgetting the creature comforts, the Giga CXZ also features a top-of-the-line Isri 6860 air-suspension seat with pneumatic lumbar support, and a 4.8 inch LCD touchscreen digital audio visual equipment unit with Bluetooth.

“The Bluetooth and hands free is excellent, but my favourite feature is the transmission,” Jarron said.

“Compared to the European truck brands, the Isuzus present so much value for money.

“If I had bought the same size truck, with the same fit-out from a European manufacturer, it would have cost an extra $70,000, and the Gigas do exactly the same job.

“The other factor that made my decision easy was the Isuzu dealer, Major Motors,” Jarron continued. “Sales Consultant Danny Bearham was brilliant and they all really helped me out.

“I got a really good deal on both trucks. That’s all I can say. The value for money with the Giga is head and shoulders above the rest.”