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4HK1 engine still Isuzu’s cleanest medium duty diesel

With its long-standing dedication to the road transport task in Australia, Isuzu Trucks had in 2016 brought the 4HK1—arguably the cleanest Japanese diesel engine—to the Australian market.

Two years on and a swathe of happy customers later, there’s still nothing in the Australian medium-duty truck market quite like Isuzu’s 4HK1 diesel engine, which embodies advanced Japanese engine technology.

Clean, green, economical

Meeting emission control requirements for commercial vehicles laid out by the current Australian Design Rules (ADR) 80/03, the 4HK1 engine exceeds Euro V and complies with Japan’s Post New Long-Term (PNLT) emissions standard.

Adhering to these emissions standards means that the 4HK1 engine releases reduced greenhouse and noxious gases. How does this work?

An external injector for Isuzu’s diesel particulate diffuser (DPD) system is added to the 4HK1, which works to remove particulate matter from the engine’s emissions. This external injector eliminates oil dilution by commencing the regeneration process outside the engine block.

At 5.2 litres the 4HK1 engine also boasts impressive fuel economy, as well as an incorporated Idle-Stop System that cuts engine use when the vehicle comes to a stop (for example at traffic lights).


But being environmentally conscious doesn’t mean you can’t still pack a serious punch. The 4HK1 engine is a low-displacement, high-torque, four-cylinder, two-stage turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine.

The two-stage turbocharger in the 4HK1 comprises a combination of low and high-pressure turbochargers, which increases torque levels at low engine speeds. Additionally, during times of high slippage (e.g. taking off from the lights), the torque converter redirects the fluid and produces an increase in output torque.

The engine is available in two power ratings—154 kW (210 PS) and 177 kW (240 PS). The former produces 726 Nm of torque, and the latter more powerful counterpart, 765 Nm.

F series: the all-in-one package for your medium-duty needs

The 210 PS variants include the Isuzu FRR, FRD and FSS 4×4 with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) range spanning 10.7 to 11 tonnes. In these models, peak torque is increased by 14 per cent, and the new two-stage turbo technology provides 45 per cent more torque at 1,000 rpm.

The 240 PS engine is fitted in the FRR at 11 tonnes GVM, and the FSR, which is available in two GVMs (12 and 14 tonnes).

These engines represent more choice for medium-duty truck customers, powering models with features carefully tailored for a wide range of users and applications.

Features include:

  • Standard inclusion of truck-specific satellite navigation, with three years of free quarterly updates
  • Day cab models providing lower tare mass, which permits more body/payload

Isuzu is currently running a special sales program for the FRR 110-240, FRD 107-210 and FSR 120/140-240. This program is designed with the price-conscious customer in mind and will run till 30 September 2018.