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Even in the current COVID-19 crisis, essential work doesn’t—and cannot—stop, especially when it comes to providing power solutions to different industries that need it, ranging from the emergency services to agriculture.

One such team that is still powering through is Zenith Engineering, a well-known Brisbane-based distributor of the Isuzu Power Solutions (IPS) product range, and they provide services such as general engineering.

IPS and Zenith have had a long-standing, 44-year-long working relationship. Over the past four decades and counting, IPS and Zenith have been working together to provide tailored IPS solutions, meeting customer-requested specifications. And all without the additional cost that comes with having to modify imported, pre-built products.

Time has proven this strategy to be immensely successful for both Zenith and IPS. From diesel-powered hydraulic equipment used for the cleaning of shells in Darwinian pearl farms through to powering caravans used as break rooms at open-pit mines, the IPS–Zenith collaboration has seen over 7,000 Isuzu diesel engines converted into a multitude of applications for not only the Australian market but the Pacific region and beyond.

A rising tide

The Zenith Engineering story began in 1945 when brothers Tom and Terry Jennings, and friend Jim Carroll partnered to manufacture automotive and hydraulic components during the post-war reconstruction era.

Over the course of their work, Zenith has not only provided the commercial airline industry with over 200 engines (used to power belt loaders), but also supplied the Royal Australian Air Force with engines to power air conditioners for military aircraft while they were grounded.

Over the years, Zenith has formed close working relationships with industry partners, such as Gilbert & Roach, Major Motors and QANTAS distributing IPS power units for a myriad of applications and industries, from automotive to marine to aviation.

Of course, the famed Zenith 20KVA and 30 KVA marine generators all using an Isuzu powered diesel had a part, too.

“The Zenith 20KVA and 30 KVA marine generators have and still are highly regarded in the commercial fishing industry due to their reliability,” said Zenith Engineering’s Sales Manager, John Jennings.

“Coupled with the extensive design and development of Zenith’s marine accessories, every IPS diesel engine is customised to suit varied marine applications and the customer is left with the legendary reliability of a Zenith–IPS product.

“This is where we excel in the market, as we have the ability to give the customer exactly what they want, and we also consistently provide ongoing technical support when required.”

The power of a successful collaboration

Zenith and IPS have come a long way in building rapport and reputation, strengthened over the last four decades.

John said, “Today, we have become known as a reliable distributor of the IPS range of diesel engines, and we are proud of it.

“This loyalty to the IPS brand is something that can only be cultivated through time and it has led to a mutually beneficial relationship.”

In recent times Zenith has looked beyond the commercial fishing industry, broadening their scope of industrial and marine applications.

Superyacht charter boat, Tango One

“We have now branched out further into markets including superyacht charter boats, entertainment vessels, large-scale work boats and fishing long liners in locations that range from Australia to the South Pacific and Maldives,” said John.

Entertainment vessel, YOT Club

While there has been a broadening of markets and applications, Zenith’s “backbone” has always been its fully marinised or keel-cooled GenSets (up to 110 kVA), propulsion units (up to 163 hp) and pumping units.

Apart from industrial and marine engines, Zenith also manufactures grout pumps and other products for the mining and tunnelling industries.

And with the regularly updated IPS product range suitable to be tailored for a variety of industry applications, such as the pumping units, Zenith is keen to further offer customised IPS units to their agriculture client base.


Vansite director, Grant Gasnier, with the IPS 14 kVA single-phase radiator-cooled generator for mobile application (using the IPS 3CE1BGZGI engine).

Strong and steady

Like all successful partnerships, Zenith and IPS have built their 44-year collaboration on clear, regular communication, which fosters trust, and helps them brave challenges, such as the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, together.

John said, “Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused many industries to suffer, we are confident we’ll weather whatever storm lies ahead, especially with continued IPS support.

“And as always, Zenith will be ready to support our customers and the thousands of units we currently have working in both domestic and international industries.”