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The world is changing quickly, and the transport industry is by no means immune from the sweeping shifts we’re seeing in just about every facet of life.

From innovative technology being integrated throughout the supply chain, to new ways consumers are choosing to purchase goods, truck driving isn’t the same job it was 10 years ago.

But an evolving industry means there are plenty of opportunities available for truck drivers looking to upskill and remain a relevant commodity on the labour market.

Whether you’re an owner-operator looking for those extra opportunities to strengthen your bottom line, or a company driver seeking new skills to uncover new career progression, there’s plenty truck drivers can do to boost their ability to bring home the bacon.

This blog looks at some of the avenues open to those enterprising modern-day truck drivers looking to gain an advantage.


If you’re looking for more opportunities within the road transport industry, upgrading your licence is one of the more straightforward forms of upskilling you can undertake.

The more advanced your licence class, the more diverse the range of trucks you can operate.

For potential employers, that makes you a more attractive prospect when they’re looking to diversify their workforce.

Each state has its own requirements for what drivers need to do to qualify for various licences, but you can review what’s required in your state or territory in the links below.

ACT    NSW   QLD    NT       WA     SA       VIC     TAS

Customer service is king

In the old days, customers would visit a physical shop-front to make their purchases. There, a shop assistant could respond to queries and be the ‘face’ of any business.

Today, with more consumers buying goods online, it’s highly likely the person delivering the package will be the only human interaction the customer has throughout the purchase process.

This turn of events represents a huge opportunity for drivers.

As companies gradually look for workers capable of getting a delivery job done and representing the brand at the same time, completing a customer service training course could make your application stand out when you’re trying to land that next gig.

There are many different courses drivers can undertake to boost their customer service qualifications, from organisations offering training tailored specifically to truck drivers, to TAFEs offering a range of Certificates in Customer Engagement.

Crane training

As the construction boom continues to thrive around the nation’s population hubs, the ability to drive a truck and operate a crane will make you an incredibly attractive prospect to employers.

The states and territories have different rules and regulations around the licencing for crane operation and, like heavy vehicles, there are different classes.

Follow the links to see what the requirements are in your state.

ACT    NSW   QLD    NT       WA     SA       VIC     TAS

If you’ve got the skills to drive a fully laden truck, operating a crane could be an exciting new challenge to complement your skillset.

Certificate in Logistics

The wealth of experience you’ve gained out on the road could be made invaluable if you combine it with the big picture skills that a qualification in logistics will give you.

Offered at TAFEs and other educational institutions around the country, there are a range of different levels for certification you can obtain and a quick Google search will reveal the right course in a convenient location for you.

These courses contain training in a range of different aspects relating to truck drivers’ current jobs and include training in forklift operation, occupational health and safety procedures and business management.

Attributes like these could be very handy for owner/operators looking to run a more efficient operation and strengthen their bottom line.

While the above suggestions are a good place to start for truck drivers considering adding another feather to their cap, there are plenty of other opportunities out there for drivers who want to open up new employment doors.

Best of luck on your career journey and if you have any additional skills that have gotten you over the line in an interview, let us know in the comments section.