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It’s staggering to realise we’ve ticked over the half way mark of 2017 but here we are, reaching for our winter coat and digging up our accountant’s number.

It’s been a big year for Isuzu blogs, with some ripping topics and sensational feedback. We set out to cover every end of the trucking spectrum – from roads designed to benefit trucks, to bridges determined to squish them, and all the latest technological developments in between.

With so much still to come, in this instalment we’re looking back at the most popular Isuzu blogs of 2017 (so far).

The push towards driver-centric trucks

There were no surprises that this blog got a big response. Trucks that are built for truckers? That’s what we’re talking about, and the post attracted many excited readers, eager to experience the luxury that the future of trucking has to offer.

Newer truck mod-cons also appeal to the next generation: the much-maligned younger truck driver. Many people believed getting youth involved was the main challenge, with one reader commenting:

“I wish you luck if you think that you’re going to attract the youngsters. They won’t give up their beds or being tucked in by mummy.”

We clearly have our work cut out for us.

Australia’s five worst overpasses

It turns out many of you have little sympathy for drivers whose trucks have been scalped by low bridges. Your most popular observation? “Bridges have signs for a reason!”

Perhaps there weren’t many Melbournians among you then, because the notorious Montague Street Bridge – with a clearance height of just 3.0 metres – won Australia’s worst overpass, with over 100 victims and counting.

GPS: where the bloody hell are you?

Our next blog, and one of our most popular of the year, investigated the role that GPS plays in the modern trucking industry.

Your comments showed some keen nostalgia for folded up maps in the glovebox, with this blog failing to convince many of you that satellite navigation is the best way forward.

From Refadex and Gregory’s, to the humble Melways, we never knew there was such an attachment to the good old street directory.

Can a p-plater drive a truck?

There was a predictably mixed response from the trucking fraternity to provisional licence holders driving trucks. While some readers were keen to accept a few younger members, others were more sceptical of inexperienced drivers handling rigs.

Amid the serious concerns, were some comedic predictions like: “Expect the local maccas carpark to lose the Nissan coupes and fill up with Isuzus.”

An expert’s guide to the future of transport

We kicked of 2017 with some expert advice to find out what will happen to the transport industry?

Dr. Steve Nuttall, Head of Automotive Research, ACA Research loaned us his crystal ball – earned through 25 years of industry experience – to peer into the future of Australian road transport.

From anticipating the rise of the machines, to booming opportunities for small business owners and trucks you plug into a power point, Steve says a new dawn is on the horizon for truckies everywhere.

An intro to trucking regulations state by state

This blog definitely struck a chord, and generated a bit of frustration at the same time. After all, few workers contend with the same amount of red tape as truckers.

Despite legislation causing a lot of angst for truck drivers, it’s important to know. Therefore, our blog introducing the most important rules and regulations for truckies is one our most popular yet.

The uberfication of transport and logistics

There was a distinct split over this blog. While many of you saw Uber as untrustworthy and potentially dangerous, others saw the rise of ‘uberfication’ as an exciting technological advancement.

The uberfication blog was one of our most interesting topics of the year, and delved into some of the most immediate ways trucking could change in the near future.

If you haven’t already checked it out, it’s well worth a look, if only to find out a little more about how the freight transport industry is changing.

Keep on trucking

That’s a wrap for our mid-year review, but well-begun is only half-done, so check the Isuzu Facebook and Content Hub regularly to stay up to date. We’ve got some exciting ideas in the pipeline that are sure to warm up your winter months.