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Silver Service: The Many Different Guises of Service Trucks

Think hardy, multipurpose trucks always on call to service heavy-duty machinery conveniently and efficiently.

Service trucks are the go anywhere, modern-day cavalry that a range of Australian businesses rely on to get the most difficult of jobs done and done well.

Whether it’s work required to keep important mining equipment ticking over or the timely repair of earth moving and construction equipment. These specialised vehicles are designed thoughtfully to service a range of equipment and are trusted to work at their best even in the most remote, challenging conditions.

Depending on the type of service they offer, these trucks can be custom-built or originate from a pre-bodied, ‘ready to work’ range – popular amongst many trades and service providers.

Operated by a skilled technician, service trucks typically carry a wide range of specialised tools and devices designed to minimise downtime and boost the productivity in just about any operation.

This blog provides a sneak peek into the genius behind these custom-made workhorses, highlighting their practicality across a broad range of industries and applications.

Packing a punch

These mobile solutions pack in a lot into their body builds to ensure that they can offer end-to-end service, saving businesses from having to run their equipment to a workshop or mechanic.

From a service truck that holds fuel, oil and antifreeze tanks, to metal-cutting bandsaw coolant and specialised welding equipment, these unique solutions are built to be a one-stop-service solution for field repairs and maintenance.

Reliability is a key element of these truck platforms, more-so because they offer specific types of services under exacting conditions.

And that’s only scratching the surface.

For example, take Tasmania’s state-wide water and sewerage corporation, Taswater, whose service fleet are endowed with just about everything – from saws, generators, submersible pumps and other specialist gear to manage the task of working on underground pipes, often in remote terrain.

Enabled by a reliable and tested platform, these service vehicles manage unpredictable terrain and weather conditions, safeguard specialised tools and equipment and provide a workstation for technicians all over the Apple Isle.

The real deal

Aside from reactive and preventive field maintenance and repairs, what’s the value in having these vehicles in say, a mining operation for example?

Let’s us paint a picture for you.

By their very nature, mining operations are essentially a management in timeliness, productivity and economy.

Operations are 24/7 and can get extremely intense. So, when capital equipment breaks down in the field, operations and economy can take a big hit. A major piece of equipment going down for even 24 hours can cost a mining operation tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity.

This is where having mobile, multifunctional service trucks on call are a blessing to field and mining operations, especially in remote locations where alternative options are sometimes non-existent.

One example of this business model at work is earthmoving equipment supplier, Orionstone, whose fleet includes a range of light and medium-duty service rigs, which supply parts, servicing and maintenance to over 300 mining machines, including drills, movers, crushers, as well as feeding and conveying equipment.

With a range of trucks that provide for essentials like diesel, hydraulic fluid, engine oil, waste oil, grease and pumping equipment, the Orionstone service fleet supports the company’s mining equipment on site and also has the capacity to ‘in-pit’ servicing.

Different strokes, different folks

As an application, service trucks are infinitely different and of course cater to a range of different industries, equipment and services. Therefore, specifying the platform correctly is essential.

Depending on the requirements, ready-built variants may be appropriate and are readily available from many of the larger manufacturers. Other larger truck platforms with a range of more bespoke features such as 4×4 drivelines, specific transmissions, crew cab configurations and larger wheel bases can all help to ensure the most appropriate solution is implemented.

Of course, the best way to land on the most appropriate specification is to meet with a sales consultant and begin the process with an expert.

When it comes to service trucks, the famous tagline, ‘Without Trucks, Australia Stops’ has never been more applicable – it quite literally would.