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Buying a new truck, upgrading existing equipment or simply managing your fleet? It’s always important to look at options that can potentially save the business time and money.

So, when it comes to quality aftercare, no stone should be left unturned.

Truck and fleet financing, service routines and service contracts or agreements—they can all have a huge effect on the quality of your truck ownership experience and the overall cost (or whole-of-life cost) associated with buying and maintaining capital equipment. We sat down with an expert in the field, North East Isuzu’s Group Service Manager, Suresh Millar, to ask him what options are available for Isuzu truck owners and to give us some tips on getting the best value from your aftercare service.

Hi Suresh, thanks for chatting with us. First off, what are some key things truck owners should look for when they’re choosing a dealership to service with or buy from?

Good communication with the dealer is the first thing to look out for and you’re really going to need it to help discover options, so you can make the best decisions for the business.

There are also some benefits to going with a large dealer group and brand. For example, at North East Isuzu, we offer pick-up and drop-off, evening servicing, wheel alignment and tailored service contracts, along with access to our engineering and paint and panels departments. Every customer gets treated equally, no matter the size of the fleet.

But you want to keep an eye out for value for money, turnaround time, and having a look at what the dealership can offer you to make running a fleet or truck easier.

Why is regular servicing important, and what are the most common problems you see coming into the workshop from not following a recommended schedule?

Having reliable equipment is everything in business! And preventative maintenance is crucial to achieving this and reducing downtime. Not having a regular service schedule can create premature issues for the truck and be a real problem when it comes to Chain of Responsibility (CoR) compliance.

The most common problems we see include worn suspension bushes and steering components (caused by lack of greasing), worn tyres (caused by lack of wheel alignments, tyre rotations and incorrect tyre pressure) and transmission failure (caused by incorrect oil usage).

What are your top tips for new truck buyers, or someone looking to upgrade?

I would highly recommend packaging up a service agreement as part of the truck’s financing contract to anyone buying a new truck or upgrading. It’s the best insurance they will ever have—protecting their business asset. Here are some of the key benefits of bundling up a service agreement and financing together:

· Pay as you go with easy payment options

· No nasty bill shock surprises helping you budget yearly or monthly

· Potentially improving resale value due to good service records

· Minimising your CoR risk as the dealership takes on the responsibility of ensuring your service and repair records are up to date

· Use of genuine Isuzu parts during service and repair

Could you give us a breakdown of a typical service agreement and finance situation?

Here’s an example of what it might look like for a buyer of a new light-duty truck, per month*:

Truck cost: $85,000

Finance (per month): $1,175 (with 30 per cent residual)

Service agreement (per month) – Isuzu Essentials for example: $150

Total monthly payment (per month): $1,325

Is bundling a service agreement and financing together available to Isuzu truck buyers?

Absolutely, and it’s one of the best ways to do it! It means you only have one payment to think about monthly. A service agreement like Isuzu Total will cover you for just about everything and is something I always recommend to customers—it’s a great way to get hassle-free maintenance, no matter the size of the fleet.

When it’s time for a truck’s service, we will call you to book in a suitable time. It’s all about taking the weight off your shoulders, so you can focus on your core business.

Thanks, Suresh!

*The above example is for illustrative purposes only. Actual costs of financing a new truck and service agreement will vary depending on individual circumstances. Isuzu recommends seeking professional independent financial advice for all truck purchases.

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