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Power On: Isuzu & Century Celebrate 10 Year Collaboration

Isuzu Australia Limited’s (IAL) Parts department is celebrating its decade-long relationship with market-leading battery manufacturer, Century Batteries.

The Century Batteries story began in 1928 and was first established in Alexandria in Sydney’s inner-south. From these humble beginnings, the re-power giant grew exponentially, moving its offering into all regions of Australia – becoming a trusted, household name.

During this rapid rise, Century Batteries positioned itself as a trailblazer of the industry, becoming the first battery manufacturer to introduce polypropylene batteries to the Australian market.
In more recent times, Century Batteries picked up a lot of international attention through its approach to innovation, which led to Japanese Battery Storage Company, Yuasa, coming into an alliance with the company in the late eighties.

The result has seen the product offering go from strength to strength with fit-for-purpose re-power solutions catering to uniquely Australian conditions and applications.

Just like the Isuzu trucks they help power, Century battery units are rigorously tested to endure the longer operational distances, the extreme environmental conditions and overall demands of Isuzu vehicles on Australian roads.

Immensely strong brand trust and continual improvement and innovation are two key reasons Century Batteries has supplied more than 1.5 million locally manufactured batteries to Australian customers from their Queensland headquarters.

Century’s National Major Account Executive, John Couling, explained the enduring Isuzu, Century partnership.

“Many of the original batteries coming in Isuzu trucks are actually Yuasa batteries from Japan, so being a branch of Yuasa, we’re able to closely replicate those batteries for Australian conditions,” Mr Couling said.

“The market has driven a want for maintenance-free batteries rather than maintainable batteries, so we’ve met that demand by creating what we believe is the best maintenance free battery you can buy.

“We’ve got an excellent relationship with Isuzu Trucks that grows year on year, it’s a common understanding and meeting of minds that works well.”

IAL National Parts Manager, John Plunkett, echoed those sentiments, explaining the need for a key component for Isuzu Trucks to be the very best the market has to offer.

“Century have a product that’s tested over and over to meet the highest of standards. The reputation of the Isuzu brand is founded on reliability and adaptability, so it was critical that we partnered with a trusted battery brand that was tried and tested,” Mr Plunkett said.

“You don’t become a household name in this country based on mediocrity. That’s why Century has been an excellent fit for us for ten years now.”

“It’s added comfort to have a proven and trusted battery product power our trucks. We demand the best of our partners and Century more than measures up.”