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No Skipping on Quality with Isuzu

When the temperature in Mildura exceeds 42 degrees, everything suffers. As the air begins to swelter, children amble listlessly towards the Murray River, the bitumen road softening beneath their feet. Even the town’s 19th century architecture – painted in red and orange – looks scorching to the touch.

Engines aren’t immune either – many vehicles have given up the ghost in Mildura.

For Craig Lush, the founder of waste removal company, Payless Skips, his Isuzu trucks have been a Godsend in such conditions.

“First and foremost, our trucks need to be reliable and comfortable, with drivers spending up to 11 hours in there a day” he said.

Without the tireless summer slog of Craig and his employees, Mildura could quickly change from a picturesque tourist attraction, to somewhere on the nose.

And the locals recognise the importance of Payless’ service. Dry heat causes the bacteria in garbage to grow faster, spreading odours through the air.

The heat also makes truck breakdowns equally daunting, which is why Craig prizes the dependability of his Isuzus.

“Reputation was a big thing for us,” he said.

“Isuzus were always at the forefront of our selection process and we eventually decided on the NPR 75-190. The fuel economy is good too, which is a bonus.”

The deft manoeuvrability of the NPR 75-190 makes navigating tight areas easy. And with a GVM of 7,500 kg, 140 kW @ 2,600 rpm and 513 Nm @ 1,600- 2,600 rpm, it’s got power requirements covered.

In addition to a fully integrated air conditioning system, the cab has ample storage and generous leg room to complement Isuzu’s Digital Audio Visual Equipment (DAVE) unit, which has a 6.2 inch LCD touchscreen, DVD/MP3/CD playback and Bluetooth with voice recognition.

And any company that markets itself as offering “environmentally friendly clean-ups” will be happy with the NPR’s excellent fuel economy and Isuzu’s emissions control systems which meets Euro V / ADR 80/03 across the range. With a cooled EGR with exhaust Diesel Particulate Diffuser (DPD), the truck is one of the cleanest on Australian roads.

Fitted with Anti-lock Braking (ABS), Anti skid Regulator (ASR) traction control, and Isuzu’s Electronic Stability Control System (IESC), this “intelligent” truck offers superior safety features while maintaining a high level of power and torque.