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Mount Panorama 101: Your guide to Australia’s most famous race track

When it comes to motorsport in Australia, it doesn’t get any bigger than Mount Panorama. And with countless Isuzu owners getting ready for the upcoming Bathurst race, it’s the perfect time to brush up on your local racing knowledge.

The circuit has been the home ground for the country’s racing scene for well over half a century, with its competitions attracting elite racers and enormous crowds, not to mention the millions of viewers across the nation who watch the races each year.

Over the decades, Mount Panorama has built itself a rich history. It’s a place where hard-fought victories have been earned, records have been broken, and drivers have achieved legendary status. Read on to learn more about the events and people that have made the track so iconic.

The History

Mount Panorama didn’t become a racing hotspot overnight. The course’s prestige has been built over the course of decades, from humble beginnings leading to internationally recognised contests. Here’s how it came into being:

The Records

The track isn’t just beloved locally – it’s considered one of the premier racing locations globally. And through this popularity, Mount Panorama has bred countless champions. Take a look at how the circuit compares to other famed courses, and compare the records of some of Bathurst’s most successful drivers.

The Countdown

Does all this knowledge have you aching to watch a race? Well, it won’t be long until 2018’s biggest motorsport event is underway, so start counting down to when the action begins: