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Isuzu Trucks & Vexel Lighting The Way For A Brighter Future

Isuzu Australia Limited’s (IAL) Parts department offers an industry-leading range of lighting solutions thanks to an ongoing synergy with Vexel, a leader in commercial LED lighting solutions.

Established in 2005, Vexel offers both mirror and light solutions to suit a huge range of Trucks and Buses including some of the top brands in Australia.

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) has enjoyed a long-standing connection with Vexel, which evolved into a broader partnership in 2015. Vexel now supplies an extensive range of headlight and electric mirror solutions to Isuzu for distribution throughout their extensive dealership network.

Vexel’s lighting and mirror range is ‘E-certified,’ meaning all products have been tested and approved in a photometric laboratory and have successfully achieved standards set by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE).

Vexel’s Fleet Business Development Manager, Michael McKinlay, explained the process of earning trust and respect with Australia’s highest selling truck brand.

“Working with a company like Isuzu is no easy task, they are the best in the business and you have to respect that in everything you do.

“After an initial foray some years ago with a limited product range, we came back to Isuzu with a stronger offering and a proven internationally-renowned reputation, and the process has grown from there.

IAL National Parts Manager, Mr John Plunkett, agreed with Mr McKinlay’s sentiment, explaining the critical importance of having the highest quality products and components for Transport Industry customers.

“Safety and quality are paramount, and we don’t take chances on that front. We demand the very best and we’re openly fastidious with our selection process, which means we take our time to get these things right,” Mr Plunkett said.

“I feel we’ve made the right decision with Vexel. Importantly, their product line-up is E-mark certified, which means they comply fully with the best standards in the world – something we’re proud to stand behind in our offering.”

Isuzu Trucks has a storied and highly successful history of partnering with some of the leading componentry suppliers in the trucking world. Industry standard brands like Meritor, Allison Transmissions, Hendrickson and Eaton to name but a few.

“We’ve long had a focus on building the breadth of our overall offering, Mr Plunkett said.

“It’s essential that we provide the very best transport solution and it’s a meeting of minds with the likes of Vexel that makes it happen.”

Current Vexel lighting parts and components for Isuzu Trucks can be found within the Isuzu Trucks Real Deals brochure.