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Isuzu Trucks Over The Years: A Storied History

Celebrating 30 consecutive years of Australian truck market leadership, we take a look back at Isuzu Australia Limited’s (IAL) history.

For IAL, this story includes many forks in the road and key contributors leading us to where we are today.

Introduced to Australia by General Motors Holden in 1972, Isuzu trucks were initially marketed as ‘Bedford by Isuzu’, which helped appeal to an audience unfamiliar with the brand—by promoting buyer confidence via association with Bedford, a UK brand well established in Australia at the time.

It wasn’t long until the legendary ‘Reliability is Everything’ tagline was born. It’s a description that rings as true today as it did back in 1989, when Isuzu Trucks first claimed truck market leadership.

Many key events and developments have occurred between then and now, so stay tuned as we walk through the defining moments in Isuzu’s story, exploring the history behind Australian road transport’s first choice of truck—Isuzu.