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Isuzu Through The Ages (1999-2009)

As another year draws to a close, we thought it timely to take a stroll down Isuzu’s memory lane.  Australia’s number one truck brand came into its own in 1989, launching some of the most familiar truck models on Australian roads.

Just shy of 30 years later and Isuzu is still number one and still providing the best, fit-for-purpose road transport solutions in the country. So, if you are a fan you can’t fail to be impressed over the next few minutes as we take a look at the trucks and technology that’s literally shaped Australian road transport forever.

1999-2009: The Glory Years

After celebrating 10 consecutive years of Australian truck market leadership in 1998, Isuzu-General Motors (IG-M) continued to dominate by further refining its model range and suite of aftersales products and services.

The 2000 Isuzu F Series range featured a refreshed appearance, new models, airbag rear suspension on selected models and the introduction of Isuzu’s permanent magnet type retarder as an option on selected models.

The year 2000 marked the release of the Giga 425 EXY, heralding Isuzu’s intention to disrupt the established heavy-duty market. In 2001, the heavy-duty C Series Giga arrived, successfully penetrating the demanding civil work sector and those with tipper and dog applications.

The 2001 Isuzu Giga 385 CXZ made its presence felt.

In 2003 the original pre-bodied N Series Tradepack was launched, marking the first year of Isuzu’s ever-popular ‘Ready-to-Work’ range.

In line with new emissions legislation, Isuzu’s first turbocharged and air-to-air intercooled engines were fitted across the model line-up resulting in notable improvements to power and torque while reducing exhaust emissions.

2003 Isuzu FRR 500

In 2005, saw Isuzu Motors Limited (Japan) form the wholly owned subsidiary, Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL). This year also saw the introduction of the brand’s first Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) in the light-duty range, and several innovative new safety features.

Towards the close of the decade, IAL celebrated its 20th consecutive year of Australian truck market leadership by releasing all-new, Euro V equivalent FX models alongside the flagship heavy-duty Gigamax 510 EXY — the first Japanese prime mover available in Australia to break the 500 horsepower barrier.