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Isuzu History: 1994

This year saw many changes, but reliability remained I-GM’s constant—as did innovation.

An all-new N Series range was released in this year, with 12 models introduced. This new range was fitted with the ‘Aero-cube’ cabin design—a design that would form the basis for future N Series upgrades for many years to follow.

At the N Series Launch Event

At the N Series Launch Event

In 1994, the company promoted spec sheets for 39 different vehicles, including variations within both the N Series and F Series ranges, which comprised the FSR, FSS, FTR, FTS, FVM, FVR, FVZ, NKR, NPR and NPS models.

Importantly, 1994 also saw the official launch of Isuzu’s first ever print publication, the Isuzu Truck Owners Club Newsletter, created to help build lasting and meaningful relationships with its customers.

The newsletter format eventually took the shape of a 28-page magazine in later years with the title, Truckpower.

From in-depth coverage of industry and IAL news to customer profile features, Truckpower continues today as Australia’s longest running truck customer journal, direct-mailed to more than 30,000 customers nation-wide.

With its first and lasting foray into customer relationship management underway with a printed journal in place, Isuzu’s position on the top of the Australian truck sales charts was steady and the brand looked forward to a fresh new calendar year, with new product in the wings.

N Series range on the road

Key products

The all-new 1994 N Series range was imported fully-built and represented the first major model change in a decade. With this range, the Aero-cube cabin design was introduced, remaining at the core of future N Series incarnations until 2005.

The Aero-cube cabin’s sleek, streamlined design with its smooth aero bumper gained the distinction of being world’s most aerodynamically efficient truck cab at the time. Apart from offering greater driver comfort, the Aero-cube cab design increased driver visibility, with a greater angle of vision. This allowed drivers of N Series trucks to see road conditions and fellow road users more clearly, ensuring the best possible driving experience.

N Series cabin interior

In this year

As a global truck brand, Isuzu hit an amazing milestone, manufacturing its 10 millionth diesel engine.