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The year saw a coming-of-age for I-GM as the brand celebrated 21 years of selling to the Australian market. They also welcomed I-GM’s second President and Managing Director, Masahiro Ueno.

This milestone proved the company’s position as an industry leader, a position established within an impressive time frame.

Although the Dandenong-based assembly line continued producing other vehicles in the diverse Isuzu range, local production of the N Series ceased in this year in favour of transitioning to a fully-imported option.

F Series 4×4 Range

FSR/FTR Cabin Interior

At the same time, the F Series was now being built locally from semi-knocked down (SKD) packs, rather than CKD. This production was a potent reminder of the continued expansion of the popular F Series range, and under the fresh guidance of Masahiro Ueno and the Australian Directors, it was clear that Isuzu was still a brand on the rise.

This year also saw the relocation of the head office to 858 Lorimer Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria. The clever incorporation of the Product Development Centre within the same premises meant a streamlining of services that enabled the brand to enjoy a more dynamic presence in a convenient, central location.

When $10 million Redeemable Preference Shares was announced to be issued to the company, it was welcomed as a positive financial move designed to pay dividends and boost the brand’s fortunes, as well as the connection to their loyal customers.

For corporate fleet managers looking for trucking solutions to ensure their own businesses run more efficiently, the array of vehicles available in the growing local Isuzu range was proving hard to beat.

Isuzu’s commitment to customer service continued and the brand held its position as market leader for a fourth consecutive year.

Isuzu at the Brisbane Truck Show

In this year

Australia’s population was around 17.67 million, and with 39 trucks in the local Isuzu range, the brand’s position to serve the local trucking industry with reliable, premium-quality vehicles was shaping up to be better than ever.