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Isuzu History: 1989

In the history of Isuzu Trucks, the year 1989 is an important one to highlight and celebrate.

An Australian joint venture between Isuzu Motors Limited (Japan) and General Motors USA was struck, forming Isuzu General Motors Limited (I-GM).

The highly successful partnership saw I-GM take over the distribution and marketing of the existing Isuzu range, as well as a selection of Isuzu-sourced, Holden-badged light commercial vehicles.

Naoyuki Tokiwa was at the helm as I-GM’s first President and Managing Director, setting the foundation with strong leadership that supported the local team in securing the brand’s first year of reign at the pinnacle of the Australian truck market.

Achieving market dominance is an incredible feat, and for a relative newcomer to do it in the highly competitive Australian market was testament to the product and I-GM’s clear focus  and attention to detail.

With this new and promising start, I-GM established their head office at 758 Lorimer Street in Port Melbourne, Victoria, which was accompanied by an engineering workshop in nearby Rouse Street.

Key products

Isuzu trucks have always been specified to deliver what the Australian truck market needs.

By 1989, both the Isuzu N Series and F Series had already established a strong reputation for being reliable, high-quality products.

The NPR Turbo

In the same year, the official launch of I-GM was celebrated with key new model releases that included the medium-duty FVM, FVZ and FSR—vehicles that further established the Isuzu name as an industry leader, and continued to deliver reliability, versatility and value for money to the discerning local truck market.

FTR/FVR cabin interior


The N Series engine