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Family Affair: Adami’s & Isuzu Build On An Adelaide Tradition

Located in Beverley, a stone’s throw away from some of Adelaide’s favourite beaches, Adami’s Sand and Metal Depot has been servicing the South Australian capital and its surrounding suburbs for over fifty years.

Very much a family affair, the business is the result of a lot of hard work and continues to be fuelled by the support of a tight-knit local community. Indeed, much more than a proprietary establishment — Adami’s has become a family legacy.

As with any family with proud Italian heritage, the Adami’s are a close unit.

General Manager, Mick Adami, learnt the ropes from his late father, Mr Joe Adami, working across the many facets of the operation for the last thirty years.
The Adami family and crew. Pictured from right to left, from back – Tony Massaro (brother in law), John Adami (brother), Josie Massaro (sister) and Mick Adami. Front, Ernie Adami (uncle), Rob Mittiga (brother in law).

Today, Mick manages the well-respected business, supported by a team of 30 employees which includes his brother, sister, two brothers-in law, two uncles, a cousin and an aunty —Adami’s is truly a family business in every way that counts.

Adami’s clients run the gamut of trades, ranging from landscapers, bricklayers, concreters, boutique builders, right through to the bigger building giants such as Metricon and Burbank.

“There’s a wide range of materials we supply, all types of sand and cement are what the business is built on,” said Mick while ticking off an assortment of supplies which also includes base rubble and landscape material.

On top of materials and sundries, Adami’s also provide a Bobcat hire service. Needless to say, a dependable and durable truck fleet is an indispensable part of their business model.

Enter Isuzu Trucks.

The Adami’s on-road team is made up of loyal employees and long serving subcontractors piloting around 20 trucks in total, including two Isuzu NLR 200 Tippers, an NLR 45-150 Tipper, an FVZ 1400 and the recently purchased FVZ 240-300.

“The Isuzu trucks are definitely very competitive and up there with any other brand we’ve bought in the past,” said Mick who believes Isuzu to be one of Australia’s most reliable and robust trucks.

“The Isuzu bodies last a good ten years without any issues,” he said based on the experience with the older Isuzu Ready-to-Work models.

“And these newer factory bodies are made of the tougher steel. They feel a bit lighter but also stronger too,” Mick added.

When asked about the performance of the latest addition to his fleet, an Isuzu FVZ 240-300, Mick responded, “It’s a bit of a learning experience for us with these newer models but they are doing the work extremely well so far.”

Mick believes the Isuzu cab design and layout to be impressive and more importantly, comfortable for his drivers.

“The boys driving the new Isuzu trucks are very happy. They drive like a regular car, and that comfort definitely makes their jobs easier.”

Like any business owner dealing with road transport, Mick is mindful of the challenges that come with the upkeep of capital equipment, which can be a frustrating and costly affair.

“Part of the strategy behind buying new trucks, is that it will help alleviate repair and associated costs,” said Mick, who enjoys a close working relationship with Adelaide’s North East Isuzu Dealership, where he recently purchased another FVZ 240-300 auto Tipper.

“I really like doing business with the Emanuele family (North East Isuzu) and their employees as they provide an excellent level of service.

“It wasn’t so much about the price for me, but more about the quality of the vehicle and the relationship with the dealer.

“This association is only going to get stronger and stronger too.”

This typifies the Adami approach to doing business — to build and nurture lasting local and mutually beneficial relationships.

“Our customers and suppliers feel a part of the business too and that’s important to us.”

The business has certainly come a long way from when original founder and Mick’s father, Joe Adami, first started helping local tradies and neighbours with one truck back in the fifties.

From there, the Adami’s business has grown into one of most trusted in Adelaide’s west, all with the steadfast support of Mick’s mother, Mimma Adami.

Having picked up the transport business from his own father, Mick’s father Joe had made a sterling reputation for himself with locals.

“The local community around here, mostly post-war European immigrants, were very comfortable dealing with my dad, and it all snowballed from there,” said Mick.

“It’s about trust and integrity,” he said with regard to the growth of the business and their Isuzu-backed transport operation.

“If you have a good name and reputation, it goes a long way.”