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It’s the thorn in the side of every transport operator, but with a little bit of forward planning, anyone can make truck downtime a thing of the past.

Thanks to continued advancements in technology, contemporary trucks are of a higher quality and more robust than ever before, and their engines remarkably efficient.

Yet despite the best of intentions or the latest technology, truck downtime will always be a costly factor to contend with, and one feared by companies with large and small fleets alike.

Downtime can incur huge costs for a company, with truck repairs often incurring high costs, particularly when the repairs required are significant.

But the costs associated with downtime don’t begin and end in the workshop.

Productivity costs

When your workhorse is undergoing repair, your productivity is automatically reduced. Without a working truck, a business’s day-to-day schedule is put on hold, automatically losing you money. This can lead to customer dissatisfaction, which can damage a business’s reputation and affect sales in the future.

Driver costs

While downtime puts your truck out of action, it can do the same for your drivers. Without a workhorse, drivers can’t carry out their work and remain idle. This is a costly problem, particularly for small businesses, as most drivers are still entitled to receive their salary or wage.

Replacement costs

Keen to keep customers happy and to reduce the productivity costs involved in downtime, many fleet operators choose to invest in a replacement truck. However, this is not cheap, especially when considered in conjunction with cost of repair.

Reducing the cost of downtime

While there’s nothing you can do to guarantee your truck is on the road at all times, there are measures you can take to reduce your fleet’s chances of downtime.

Plan it

A great way to ensure you’re prepared financially for truck downtime is to have a clear idea of how much it would cost your business.

It’s considered best-practice to overestimate the cost involved and to make provisions for hypothetical downtime scenarios. If you’re aware of the costs involved in downtime, you can save for a rainy day.

Regular servicing

A critical part of your plan must be regular, authorised truck servicing.

To help cater to customers’ needs in this area, Isuzu Trucks recently launched Isuzu Priority, a new, stress-free method of servicing Isuzu trucks. Taking out a Priority Service Agreement means that for one monthly price, repair and service will be taken care of, depending on the level of agreement entered into.

Isuzu Priority

Isuzu Priority ‘One’ offers sound scheduled cover, including all the essentials such as filter and lubricant replacement, valve adjustments and clearance as well as belts, hoses and more.

Meanwhile, Isuzu Priority ‘Total’ offers all of the benefits of ‘One’, with added coverage including in-house diagnostics, complete authorised servicing to all engine components, transmission, brakes, suspension and all electrical componentry.

Lastly, Isuzu Priority ‘Heritage’ offers cover to owners with older Isuzu trucks (model years 2000-11), covering lubricants, valve adjustments, all labour, fault code checks and much more.


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