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Best Podcasts For Truckies

Truck drivers can spend many hours on the road, and with not much you can (safely and legally) do besides listening to radio—with all the ads and annoying songs—or to that dusty, old CD you’ve had in your cab for years, podcasts will be your new best friend.

There is a plethora of good podcasts to listen to, and this list is growing every single day with the increasing popularity of the audio-only entertainment medium.

There are podcasts for every mood and every person, including those that can teach you a foreign language, make you laugh or make you gasp with a hook-and-twist thriller.

Here are nine podcasts that you should check out!


If you’d like to learn more about your truck while sitting in it, or have a laugh about the quirks (good and bad) of the job, these following podcasts are for you.

Although not meant for polite company, Trucker Dump hilariously discusses life on the road, laughing at situations you’ve probably found yourself in.

For a thriller to keep you company, Alice Isn’t Dead follows the (fictional) story of a truck driver who scours the United States in search of her long-lost wife, who was previously assumed to be dead.


News podcasts are great for truckies that rarely make it home in time to catch the evening news. If you want more than the small news bite your local radio brings, BBC Global News produces a new 30-minute podcast twice daily, and once daily on weekends, so you can always stay up to date on the most recent global news.

For something a little more local, give Tell Me Straight by ABC a listen and let it take you through invigorating discussions on the most interesting stories making the headlines.


If you want to be mentally stimulated on your drive, listen to Intelligence2 Debates. Each podcast is structured like an Oxford-style debate, tackling some of society’s most controversial topics, such as immigration.


In case you missed the latest sports game, or for when you’d like to get in on the latest discussions, here are a couple of podcasts for you.

If AFL is your cup of tea, check out the 2 Guys 1 Cup podcast, which features Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen hilariously discussing each round in turn.

If you prefer cricket, Cricket Unfiltered offers in-depth analysis and discussion about the sport, as well as featuring a wide variety of cricket journalists, players and cricket greats on different episodes.


Podcast dramas can be almost as stimulating as a movie—if not even more so, especially when you have to imagine the scenery yourself! The podcast Home Front is a BBC drama focussing on characters stationed in England during WWII and their struggles.


If you just want to relax on a stressful drive, Comedy Bang! Bang! is your friend. Podcast host Scott Aukerman has a new celebrity guest in each podcast, and interviewing them in amongst hilarious skits and improv situations.

We hope you enjoy these podcasts and get listening!

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