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All You Need: Truck Stops In Australia

You’ve been driving for hours, the fuel gauge is almost on empty, your stomach is definitely empty, and your body’s internal batteries are draining fast—and there’s no truck stop in sight.

When preparing yourself for a drive, especially a long-haul one, it’s always good to plan your trip around rest stops to ensure that you can refuel, eat and nap when you need to. Here are some of the best truck stops with amenities.


Emmdale Roadhouse

This is a little to the west of central New South Wales. Great to stop at if you’re driving across the state to Broken Hill.

Where: 15981 Barrier Highway, Wilcannia, NSW
When: 7 am–8 pm everyday
What it’s got:

  • Fuel
  • Easy big-rig access
  • Hot showers
  • Hot meals, iced beverages and coffee, which was touted as the “best coffee” by a customer
  • Small store with necessities like oil and Aerogard, as well as snacks
  • Beds

Photo source: Linda Hill (Google Maps)

The Milestone Café

This is three hours north of Sydney and six hours south of Brisbane. Good spot to stop when you’re driving along the NSW coast.

Where: 99 Jericho Rd, Moorland, NSW
When: 7.30 am–10pm, Sunday–Friday
What it’s got:

  • Great burgers and breakfast that’s, according to a review, “just like how mum used to do it”. There’s also the option to order in advance so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.
  • 24-hour fuel station next door
  • Great parking available
  • Clean toilets

Photo source: Jeff Cross (Google Maps)

Jugiong Roadhouse 

This is on the road from Goulbourn to Wagga Wagga.

Where: Riverside Dr, Jugiong, NSW
When: 7.30 am–10 pm, Monday–Thursday | 7.30 am–9 pm on Fridays | 8 am–9pm, weekends
What it’s got:

  • Quiet and off the road, perfect for a good night’s sleep with a wood fire in winter
  • Great coffee and reasonable prices for massive, juicy burgers and more
  • Clean, hot showers
  • Plenty of parking for trucks
  • Affordable fuel

Photo source: Mitchell Lambert (Google Maps)


Coles Express Truck Stop

This is located on the edge of town. Stop here if you’re heading through Alice Springs.

Where: Libili St and Dalgety Rd, Alice Springs, NT
When: 6 am–10 pm Monday–Saturday, 7am–9pm Sunday
What it’s got:

  • Well-priced fuel
  • Hot food and snacks

Photo source: Chamath Fernando (Google Maps)

BP Adelaide River

According to one patron this is a “top place to camp”. Drop by on your way to Darwin.

Where: 120 Stuart Highway, Adelaide River, NT
When: 7 am–5pm, Monday–Friday | 7 am–5pm, weekends
What it’s got:

  • Clean cabins to sleep in
  • Hot, home-style food with takeaway options
  • Clean outdoor toilets and showers
  • Laundry facilities

Photo source: Marianne Sellick (Google Maps)

Emerald Springs Roadhouse

Described as “an oasis in the direct centre of nowhere”, this is a convenient stop when travelling to or from Darwin.

Where: 721 Stuart Highway, Emerald Springs, NT
When: 6.30 am–6 pm, Monday–Saturday | 6 am–6 pm, Sunday
What it’s got:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Restaurant and bar with a pool table, open from 6 am to 10pm daily (the bacon and egg toasties are apparently a hit)
  • Good coffee
  • Motel rooms
  • Road train parking
  • Clean toilets and shower facilities
  • Convenience store with ice cream

Photo source: Ann Owen – Google Maps

Photo source: Ian Hollingsworth (Google Maps)


Golden Nugget Roadhouse

This is a convenient stop if you’re heading north from Brisbane.

Where: 392 Bruce Highway, Gympie, QLD
When: Open 24/7
What it’s got:

  • All-day breakfast, lunch and dinner menus (with massive burgers and vegetarian options!)
  • Rooms available
  • Free toilet and shower facilities

Photo source: Sue HartMcGrath (Google Maps)

Hell’s Gate Roadhouse

This is located about two hours away from the Queensland state border, good to stop if you’re driving between northern Queensland and Northern Territory.

Where: Savannah Way (off National Highway 1), Nicholson, QLD
When: 7 am–8.30 pm daily
What it’s got:

  • Rooms and campgrounds
  • Clean amenities
  • Cold drinks, hot drinks, hot food, and the Barra burger and vegan dishes are what’s recommended
  • Relatively cheap fuel
  • Gravel airstrip long enough for most planes

Photo source: Walter Salvador (Google Maps)

Photo source: Mick Gillespie (Google Maps)

Fisher Park Truck Stop

This is only an hour and a half out of Brisbane. Come here if you’re heading inland towards the New South Wales border or the city.

Where: 9125 Cunningham Highway, Maryvale, QLD
When: 8 am–5 pm, Monday–Friday
What it’s got:

  • Home-cooked meals
  • Fantastic showers and toilets
  • Full driveway service
  • Relatively cheap fuel
  • Heaps of parking for trucks of all sizes

Photo source: Kieran James (Google Maps)


Caltex Roadhouse

This is situated close to the NSW border. Stop here when you’re heading in or out of the state.

Where: Lot 18, 18 Railway Terrace, Yunta, SA
When: 7 am–10.31 pm daily (no, that’s not a typo)
What it’s got:

  • They also participate in the Parma for a Farmer initiative where they donate $1 from every parma sale to buy bales for farmers suffering from drought.
  • Great food and service
  • Clean toilets and shower facilities
  • Relatively cheap fuel
  • Ample parking for long trucks and road trains

Photo source: Jason Kelly (Google Maps)

Jagers BP 

This is a good place to rest if you’re on your way from Melbourne to Adelaide, or vice versa.

Where: 10 Princes Highway, Tailem Bend, SA
When: Open 24/7
What it’s got:

  • Toilet and shower facilities
  • All-day breakfast, eat-in and takeaway food with great barista coffee
  • Wi-Fi
  • Relatively cheap fuel

Photo source: Simon Brown (Google Maps)


Hattah Roadhouse

This is described by a patron as “a gem in the middle of nowhere”. Stop here when heading up to Mildura, or down the Calder Highway.

Where: 3478 Calder Highway, Hattah, VIC
When: 5.30 am–7 pm, Monday–Friday | 7 am–6 pm, weekends
What it’s got:

  • Hot showers and clean toilets
  • Top-notch coffee and burgers
  • Rooms available

Photo source: Google Maps

BP Barnawartha

When you park here, you get a view of the mountain, and it’s a convenient stop when you’re driving up to Albury.

Where: Lot 1 Service Centre, Murray Valley Highway, Barnawartha North, VIC
When: Open 24/7
What it’s got:

  • Parking for all types of vehicles
  • Public weighbridge
  • Clean toilets and showers
  • Wide range of products in shop
  • Good quality fuel
  • Laundry facilities
  • Truckers’ lounge
  • Food and takeaway services (Hungry Jacks and Café One)

Photo source: Amol Ghoddke (Google Maps)

Charlton Truck Stop

This is one stop where “the long queue and trucks parked outside tell it all”. A good stop if you’re heading up the Calder Highway to Mildura.

Where: 166 High St, Charlton, VIC
When: 5.30 am–12 am daily
What it’s got:

  • Old school roadhouse-style food and good coffee, where one satisfied customer says they had “best toastie in years”
  • Toilets and showers (not open 24/7)
  • Fuel station
  • Small shop with snacks

Photo source: Charlton Truck Shop (Google Maps)


BP Kewdale Truck Stop

This is a stop located near Perth airport when heading into the city, with everything you want after a long-haul drive.

Where: 549 Abernethy Rd, Kewdale, WA
When: Open 24/7
What it’s got:

  • Plenty of room to fill up large trucks
  • Hot showers and clean amenities
  • Laundry facilities
  • Menu with large variety
  • Truck washing services
  • Truckers’ lounge

Photo source: Google Maps

Photo source: Andrew Lee (Google Maps)